Friday, May 19, 2017

March 2017.

Finished up the "Get Fit Challenge" at the kids' school. I make and distribute posters to each class for a classroom competition promoting healthy behaviors. So the kids get points when they walk or bike to school, bring a fruit or vegetable for snack, hold a family plank challenge, etc. I love that during this challenge random kids come up to me and tell me the healthy choices they've made! This was during an assembly where I gave out prizes of playground equipment to the winning classes, with both Isla and Tilly glued to my side.


Not sure how this started, but Libby the Lion is now a necessity in her life.

Everett decided to make some St. Patrick's Day decorations. This leprechaun graced the front entryway.

Spring Break = road trip to Georgia to check out our new stomping grounds! Everett was the only kid not happy about the Spring Break plans. Not vacation-y enough for him, apparently. What was he going to do, go to the beach with his friends or something? So, the 13 hour drive there (turned 14 plus due to traffic) was...bearable. Every time we would stop at a gas station, the girls were obsessed with the little trinkets for sale. Now they keep saying for their next birthdays they want to go to a gas station to pick out a present. We stayed with Rick's future coworker, super nice of them to let us all stay there, and our kids loved playing together! For three days we visited schools, checked out neighborhoods, and saw possible houses to buy with a realtor. For the most part the kids did well, but there were some rough times when we looked at several houses in a row! We were able to narrow it down to the preferred school and neighborhood, and the last day there we saw a house that we were pretty sure was "the one." We didn't get to actually go in the house since the owners were unable to show it, but we walked around, peeked in windows, and saw pictures online. Sunday after church we had a lot of fun running around downtown (they call it Uptown?) Columbus, found a fun playground, statues, their river walk, etc. The drive home was mostly uneventful, except for dinner at a Golden Corral in Mobile, Alabama! Also stopped briefly in Houston and met up with Emily, my friend from high school!!

Sunday, March 19th.

Lots and lots of baseball this month! Having the boys on two different Little League teams was challenging schedule-wise. This is a pretty sunset outside of the batting cages. 

Before I de-cluttered the girls' room, they wanted pictures of their things. Isla's row of stickers on her picture ledge and drawing of Libby, the contents of one of Faye's many containers of special things including baggies of hair (?), etc.

Had to get the girls in on the action with a little T ball! 

Scobee carnival! I was painting faces all day so didn't really get to see the kids doing the games and activities. Rick and I shuttled the boys back and forth from baseball to the carnival as well.

Star of the Week, finishing up her poster in the Walgreen's parking lot where we got her pictures printed.

Faye often writes me notes at school. "We are going to a field trip soon. I have Shyloh's phone number... I have my Pokemon at school. Sincerely, Faye"

Began getting the house ready to sell!! This was completely overwhelming to me, but I had some great friends who helped me out a ton! We painted a few rooms, fixed things, de-cluttered, cleaned, staged, etc.