Monday, June 13, 2011

She found them.

This pretty little girl found her toes! 

 Now don't you wish you were coming to our house for Family Night tonight??

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Children's Museum/Last Pre School.

We got a free membership to the Children's Museum! We've been twice recently; once for a fun end-of-the-year pre school, and once when Rick had a rare free Saturday morning.
Faye and I checking out our reflection.
The two pre schoolers.
After the museum, we walked over to Kernal Kustard for some celebratory ice cream. These two walked the whole way,  hills and sweat and all. They worked hard for that treat!

I know it's silly to pick a future spouse for your three-year-old, but these two really compliment each other well and have so much fun together. And wouldn't it just be great if your kids married your friends' kids??

On the walk back, Everett discovered that if you stick your finger in the water fountain, you can create quite the spray.
The art project during our museum visit with Dad.
Cute Everett.
Carson on the M.
And on the J. These big letters are his favorite exhibit at the museum.

I took this same picture both times we went! I am a sucker for self-taken pictures of me and a baby.

The Cambodian Hammock.

Our AC is broken. (Again!) I think it's actually cooler outside our house than in. Good thing the high today is only 88, not 98 like a few days ago. Everett could lay here forever if someone were patient enough to keep swinging him. This is a tiny one-person hammock from Cambodia. Looks like we should invest in a big American one!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My eye and Memorial Day swimming.

You know it's been a long week when you're up until midnight Saturday night just catching up on laundry and cleaning. The week began with our car breaking down and ended with a little acid burn in my eye. (I was trying to clean the bathroom really quickly before doing the kids' preschool, went to put the toilet bowl cleaner up on a high shelf not realizing that the lid wasn't on tight, and the cleaner poured right into my eye!)

The good news is that our car only needed a new battery, we are proud new members of triple A, Carrie and I had a great time in the ED together (she always comes to the hospital with me!), I got to wear this cool suction thing in my eye while it washed all the acid out, and I even got to see Rick there. I paid a hefty ED co-pay, walked myself home from the hospital, thanked Jamie for watching my kids, and went on with my day.

We did have fun this week having a swim party with the Kings on Memorial Day.

Carson working out his water anxiety.
Everett happy to splash and play on the steps.

Faye girl dipping in her toes.
How can you not love a baby who naps on a towel to let you enjoy your morning at the pool?!