Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Lots of pumpkins at the Hawk's Farm patch.

Pick it up, Everett!

Cute fall family picture, except that Rick is still in his Saturday morning football playing get-up!

Cute candy corn banner made by my crafty friend Etta!

This year's "Fantel" (fall mantel).

Carson loved helping me put these bats up. We are ready for the Fall now!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anyone need some acorns?

Because there are enough in our backyard to make a few more wreaths.

These two boys pretended they were squirrels and collected a whole bunch for me.
Then Carson helped me glue them on to a wreath. After a brief encounter with some hot glue, he decided it would be best if his job was to hand me each acorn and re-fill the glue sticks when we got low.


Monday, October 25, 2010

C is for Caterpillar.

C is for caterpillar.

Our big floor caterpillar. We also spread the numbers around the floor and played the game where the kids run to the number I call out.

Coloring pages. Clever Olive made a pattern with her caterpillar. Carson wasn't too happy about this, though, since my instructions were to color each circle a different color. He takes things pretty seriously sometimes.

This is what Everett does during pre school.

And this. (Runs up to the camera saying, "CHEESE!!")

Color matching puzzles.

Lacing card.

They worked together to put these numbers in order from 1 to 20.

Lucky for these kids, C is for Cookie. Although they did have to eat Carrots while they waited for the Cookies to bake.

Carson's clothespin caterpillar. He is just now understanding the pattern thing.

And finally, this is a different day, when Carson was doing these cute little Dick and Jane workbooks. He finally figured out how to hold the pencil the right way and is getting much better at tracing!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Comida Chilena


I don't know where this idea came from the other day, but I spontaneously decided to spend the afternoon making empanadas. They surprisingly turned out great! Even the smell took me back to Chile. To me, the filling tasted perfectly authentic, but next time I will try a different recipe for the dough. The Chilean salad made it complete. Mmmmmm.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It was a good day.

The digger right in our front yard means we can stop paying for water to gush out and go nowhere. It also meant the boys had a really fun morning. I should have spent the time cleaning or something, but I will admit, I spent a fair amount of time at the window laughing at these cute boys.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Summer Catch-up

This is where I post a million pictures from over the summer, so I can relieve myself of the guilt of not documenting some of the events in the boys' lives. Confession: I do not scrapbook, or do anything like it. I do faithfully write in journals for each child, but this blog will have to do for picture documentation. 

Father's Day weekend: we took Daddy to the batting cages.

We spent a good amount of time babysitting one of our favorite families, the Blackham's. As you can tell, their house is one of Carson's favorite places to be.

These kids are a delight to babysit!

Fourth of July: a quick trip to D.C. for some extended family time, including meeting Tim, who at that time was a soon-to-be member of our family.

Rick takes a little snooze, Grandpa Sam style.

We visited Frying Pan Park.

With cute cousins.

The night we flew back from Utah, we spontaneously decided to stay at a hotel in Charotte and go to IKEA the next day, instead of driving home that night. That night in the hotel, with pizza, was such a fun little family time!

Wrestling on the hotel bed.

Everett expresses an opinion about something.

More wrestling.

A storytime back at home.

A little date to the Raleigh temple.

I think this was Labor Day? We tagged along with Rick and his Scouts for a hike. Hiking in backpacks received rave reviews from Carson; Everett cried the whole time, and I had to carry him in my arms for the last mile!

The whole group, with a nice smudge on the camera lens.

Stone Mountain.

Another trip to VA for the big wedding!! The boys and I took Amtrak, and after we missed our train, the trip the next day was pretty exciting, especially for Carson. I promised him that if he didn't cry or wet his pants for the whole 6-hour train ride, he could go see Pappy's job site when we got there. He loved seeing the construction, of course. Too bad I can't bargain like that with Everett yet!

The twins turned 3!

Everett hearts strollers and babies.

The bridal shower. Ashley's wedding really was the wedding of the century.

This catch-up post is over!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

We're so glad when daddy comes home.


Some of the best days are when dinner is ready and the house is tidy just in time to run around in the front yard for a few minutes while waiting for Daddy to come home.

I sure am lucky to have a husband who is so good at playing with his boys. He is the perfect dad for these two little guys.

Oh yeah, and I'm sure he will be for the new little guy/girl too. I thought a belly shot was in order, since I've pretty much ignored this pregnancy on my blog. This picture was taken at 20 weeks. Rick was working hard to put together new dressers and reorganizing our bedroom while I admired myself in the mirror. See, he really is pretty close to perfect.