Tuesday, July 19, 2016

April 2016.

Over Christmas break last year, Rick introduced the boys (and me) to Star Wars. They would wake up early in the morning, sneak into our room, and watch a bit before the girls woke up. They watched the first and second episodes, I think, with Rick explaining things as they went. They were hooked, and Everett was set on doing a Star Wars-themed birthday party. I have zero Star Wars knowledge and only halfheartedly watched parts of the movies, so Pinterest obviously helped out a lot. Rick was in charge of the games at the party and led the kids in a masterful Jedi training course. For the final test, they each took a turn fighting Rick, the Jedi master in a bathrobe. It was hilarious, and Rick ended up with a few bloody knuckles. Everett kept telling me how grateful he was that I was making his party so special. He is a sweet boy.


LDS General conference: get a snack when certain words are said. Clothing optional.

We often have a baby and/or extra friend thrown in the mix. So fun! Most Fridays after school a bunch of kids show up at our house. The big boys head outside to play ball, Fayla (Faye plus Isla) and gaggle of girls do art projects, and Everett and his buddy Tucker do Legos or other building activities. 

The annual Scobee carnival is always a great time. I was involved in the planning this time, and on the day of the carnival I ran around so much my feet were incredibly sore the next day! I arranged for entertainment for the event: puppet shows, violin and band performances, a karate demonstration, etc.

At a doctor appointment...blahh.

Sunday pictures.

Carson auditioned for and made it into the school talent show. He played a medley of Flight of the Bumblebee and a Sonatina on the piano. I love this picture: the other kids are dancing, laughing, posing for pictures. And there's serious little Carson in the middle of it all.

The crazy hailstorm of 2016. Around 9:30 p.m., Rick and Carson were at the Little League baseball fields on field duty. They were in the covered concession stand, thank goodness. The girls were asleep, and I had just said goodnight to Everett. Started hearing crazy banging noises, ran all over the house trying to figure out what was going on. Everett and I realized it was hail, still didn't know what to do! Isla woke up and was super scared and crying. After it was all over, realized we had two broken house windows and the van windshield. Dents all over the van. Rick's Taurus had both windshields destroyed, a side mirror with a hole through it. Months later we're still working on getting our roof replaced, outdoor lights fixed, etc. And the girls are still terrified of storms and hail!! Isla asks me every night to check the weather to make sure no storms are coming. Anytime there is a storm in the forecast, the whole city covers their cars with quilts and other interesting things!

She had some wheat berries and was pretending they were her little babies. 

For a good time, we play fly swatter games. In this rendition you try to grab others' swatters out of their pants before they grab yours.

Reflections awards ceremony. Faye's painting went to the state level! And the boys won awards for the district. Isla played in her seat.

Art in food prep.

Our neighbor Avianna's birthday part at the aquarium. Such a good time; the girls were so thrilled to ride ponies! There was a little roller coaster there. Faye was too scared to go on it, so Isla hopped up there and rode it solo. Watching her little curly head go round and round was the cutest thing!

Another Sunday, another thunderstorm.

Crazy morning curls!

We made a video for Rick's mother for her birthday. Rick dressed up in a few different outfits to make his clips!

Last dance class with Miss Nanci! 

One day, after catching a couple of lizards, the kids decided to make a zoo in our front yard. Our "small animal zoo" featured a bunny, two lizards, and a fish. And an art display.

An actual date! The temple and dinner with good friends.

Sunday, a still shot while singing Happy Birthday to Grandma GJ.

Our normal school-day routine involves the three older kids biking to school while I push Isla in the stroller. One day she was determined to ride her balance bike. I threw it in the stroller and let her ride it on the way home. She did great, just needed a couple of breaks!

Always taking care of babies.

Racing Grandmama to get into bed and take a picture.


Lots of Little League baseball! Ev the catcher, the girls as monkey-like spectators, and our Brewers team.