Friday, July 29, 2011

OBX Heaven, 2011: Carson's Story.

So I have a million photos to share from our Dickson family beach vacation, but this series is my very favorite.

The first day we went to play on the beach, my sweet boys lasted about 10 minutes. They wouldn't get anywhere near the water, and their intense fear of the waves made it so they couldn't even relax and play in the sand. Day two was worse! Even when I held Everett, if I would walk towards the waves he would very seriously order me to, "BACK UP, MOMMY. BACK UP." Day three I dutifully walked my timid twosome down to the shore, wondering if I should have even attempted this vacation without a husband. After a few minutes Carson alerted me of an urgent potty need, and I told him to run up and wash his hands off in the water before we headed back to the house. Without thinking about it, HE RAN RIGHT UP AND TOUCHED THE WATER. You can imagine his surprise when he realized what he'd done, and his real shock when he realized a wave hadn't grabbed him and swallowed him up. The whole way up to the house and back to the beach, we were skipping and running and making random exclamations like, "You're so brave!" "I touched the water!" "You love the ocean!" "Wait til I show Faye!" So after proudly displaying to Faye (who watched the whole thing with piqued interest) how he could run into an inch of water without flinching, there was no stopping him. Pappy and Gardener and Reagan and whoever else was willing to hold hands with Carson would help him go a little deeper and get a little braver, and by the end of the day he was running around like an ocean-loving crazy boy. Carson might have a lot of fears, but once he decides to be brave about something there is just no stopping him! I love how these photos show his confidence in the water.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

His first talk.

Carson gave a talk in Primary on Sunday. Doesn't he look handsome? Carson's talk was about the blessings of the temple. He taught that marriage in a Mormon temple lasts forever, not just until we die. We are grateful to know that our families can be together forever, especially as we mourn with our friends the passing of their sweet baby. This article gave me a lot of understanding on the topic.

Also, here's the first attempt of the above photo:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summertime in NoVa.

While Rick did his month-long rotation at Walter Reed, the kids and I stayed with my parents. We got to play with cousins and grandparents during the week and see Rick on the weekends. It was perfect!

Everett woke up from his nap one day with this scab on his nose. We have no idea how it happened.

Faye really enjoyed going to the pool and to the park.


This is a totally inaccurate picture. My boys are not crazy about playing on playgrounds; they usually need a lot of coaxing to even go down a slide!

He can finally pedal well.

Pappy set up a tent in the backyard. He took two grandkids at a time to sleep in it at night. The first night, Adriel got bored and went inside at about 9. Carson listened to Pappy's stories and went to sleep, but was coughing a lot and came in at 1 a.m. The second night the twins got to sleep in the tent, but then it rained and they had to come in in the middle of the night too! Pappy will have to try again next summer.
Hi, Rick!
Brooklee loves baby Faye. (Actually, she was the least interested in her, I think.)
We got to go to the D.C. temple, where we were married.
I will not cut this curly hair, even though it looks crazy sometimes!
We had some really good grilling nights.
And the boys loved playing with their Grandmama. One of Carson's favorite days was his "date" with Grandmama, which included going to Costco and getting a car wash!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Checking on the boys.

We used to never check on the kids after they were asleep for the night. Our creaky wood floors combined with some light sleepers made it too risky for me. But since they adjusted to sharing a room several months ago they have become much deeper sleepers, and now going into their room without waking them is no big deal. I love checking on them at night. There is something lovely about seeing clean, sweet little faces sleeping soundly. My nightly peek at them is sort of a reward: You kept them alive for another day! No broken bones or anything! And you got them to sleep! Good job! Little things like watching sleeping little boys are like nice little bonuses in my motherhood career.

Carson sleeping with his foot resting on the window sill.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The fourth.

Helping Pappy fix a bridge in the backyard.
Us girls at the Leesburg parade.
When Everett had a lollipop he doesn't care about anything else in the world.
He missed his mouth a few times.
Fish face.
Pappy helps Carson swim.
Carson got a little braver in the water. This is his new found trick.
I can remember my dad doing this same thing to me!
Pappy lets all the kid splash him for a bit.
After the parade, the pool and a family barbeque, we even did a few fireworks. We had a happy fourth!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I kind of want to eat her up.




Also, sitting independently is my favorite milestone! Her new two teeth, however, are not my favorite.