Saturday, July 9, 2011

Checking on the boys.

We used to never check on the kids after they were asleep for the night. Our creaky wood floors combined with some light sleepers made it too risky for me. But since they adjusted to sharing a room several months ago they have become much deeper sleepers, and now going into their room without waking them is no big deal. I love checking on them at night. There is something lovely about seeing clean, sweet little faces sleeping soundly. My nightly peek at them is sort of a reward: You kept them alive for another day! No broken bones or anything! And you got them to sleep! Good job! Little things like watching sleeping little boys are like nice little bonuses in my motherhood career.

Carson sleeping with his foot resting on the window sill.


Melissa S. said...

I LOVE checking on my kids after they're asleep! I do it every night and it gives my belly warm butterflies every time I look at them!

Robyn said...

Richard thinks I'm a little obsessive, but I do it everynight too. Love it.

w and w said...

So true. the best is after you've been out on a date and coming home to the reality of sweet little ones awaiting you. Hope you're having a great summer!