Sunday, June 22, 2014

May 2014.

Julia and  Faye after a treasure hunt.
Faye manning the tire swing. Note Isla's cute buns.
We've adopted a new parking spot at Costco. If you park on the side of the store, the kids can run wild and free while you load up the car. Recently a friend told me she saw us across the parking lot at Costo; she noticed Everett was peeing on a bush. Awesome.
We all know kids go through phases. Well, Everett is in this extremely sweet phase. A month or two ago I was frustrated at how he and Faye were always at each others' throats. On this particular day, while she napped he decided to put together some presents for her. He wrapped them up, made a cute card for her, and waited by her bed until she woke up. Then he took her to his room and let her pick out her favorite things. He even gave her some money. I was waiting for some ulterior motive to appear, but it seems that he really is just being very sweet.
Everett also brings home some really fun drawing and creative spellings. This is a computer, of course. CUMP-YOU-DR.

The boys' first soccer season was a great success. Carson really wanted to score 15 goals, and he scored #15 at the very last game! I think he was the oldest ones on the team, and his touch and determination to get to the goal progressed throughout the season. Everett was on the younger end, so he was definitely a beginner. After the first game I asked him if it was harder than he thought it would be and he said, "Nope. I did AWESOME!" Halfway through the season Rick suggested that Everett be the self-declared sweeper. He did a great job hanging back and defending the goal.

It was pretty fun to watch Carson work the ball around. And Everett's back there ready to play defense.
Carson is about to score here.
Everett with the throw-in.
A pass from Otto to Otto? Note Carson's game face here. He and Rick have the same expressions when they are playing sports.

Everett makes contact with the ball!!

A toothy fan.
Most nights after dinner, my goal is to finish the dishes ASAP before one or both girls want to get in the sink. It really is a great way to keep them entertained while I wipe down counters and finish up. Faye requested that I take these pictures of her.
She needed one with her eyes closed.
We added a little desk area for the kids. Easy and cheap!
This is Faye at a soccer practice. One of the kids' moms brought their dog, and Faye sat there the entire hour playing with the dog and talking the lady's ear off. I am always silently hoping that whoever Faye attaches herself to enjoys her chatter and isn't annoyed by it!
I haven't been doing much in the way of home decor, but a while ago I put things up on the bookshelves. Not sure if I should put those baskets all the was across the top, and there are definitely improvements to be made...
Sometimes at night we play all sorts of games: musical chairs, hide-and-seek, races around the house, etc. Our friend Rylie was over for this game night.
If we ever happen to be driving home on a Saturday morning, we stop at any yard sales we can find. We have had great success around here! This day we got Donut Disaster, a Monopoly Junior dinosaur game, and a little doll's playground for Faye. It's nice to have some peace and quiet so I can do something for myself on a Saturday!
Again, I am in shock at the new friendship between Everett and Faye. A good kind of shock! 
I love putting everyone else to bed and then telling Carson to sneak out and come read with me. We finished all the I Survived books, which we really liked. Carson's forehead split is courtesy of a friend with a really good baseball swing. It was accidental, of course.
Rick turned 30!! For his birthday, we had 30 surprises for him. They included things like his favorite (junk) cereal, gum, letters from his siblings and parents, a friend coming over to help with some odd jobs around the house, a new camera, and the grand finale was a Cambodian dinner made by our friend Phal.
This is lok lak, Rick's favorite Cambodian dish. And curry. Phal is amazing!
One of the last days of our Spanish alphabet pre school. Y is for yema (yolk). I don't know if Faye has retained any Spanish; I need top speak it more with them!
Mother's Day. I think I was really tired.
My baby, who is getting way too close to turning two!
Right about the time Carson had the forehead injury, Everett fell and busted his lip on the stairs, and I think Faye even had a fat lip from running into something. 

Memorial day was dark and rainy almost all day long!! This is what we did to celebrate.
That evening we wanted to use Rick's birthday gift card to Culver's (thanks mom!), so we told Rick he had to get off of work in time to meet us there. He was about an hour late, so I let the kids wander an abandoned parking lot full of puddles.
This is what we found! Note Everett wearing girls' rain boots and Faye in a leotard and tutu despite not having any dance or anything that day.
Again, Everett being sweet.
Thanks to an awesome friend who teaches dance in her home, Faye did a little six-week dance class. She absolutely loved it!
They performed for their last class, which was very exciting.

Faye often shows people her perfect plies. So, so cute.

We went to Landa Park one Saturday. They had an event sponsored by the police station, and we won two free bikes! We also rode a little train around the park, which was really fun.

Not pictured in the month of May: The boys had field day at school, and Carson went on his first field trip to the Magic Theater to see Pinocchio. Also, Faye learned to ride a bike! She's been on the balance bike for the last few months and kept asking to try Everett's bike. One day I put her on it and was amazed that she rode off all by herself. She now joins the boys to ride to the pool and the park. I have never seen a three-year-old zip around on a big girl bike like she does! I also picked up my very first class at the YMCA this month! I teach Insanity on Wednesday evenings. I'm slowly getting more comfortable teaching. (If anyone is local, come to my class! 8 p.m. I can get you a free guest pass.)