Sunday, April 26, 2015

March 2015.

Sunday afternoon ice cream making.
This sweet girl is two-and-a-half!

My sister Ashley and Soren came to visit! They spent a couple of days in Austin with The Hales, and we took a day trip to Austin to then bring her down to San Antonio. We visited the Nature and Science Center. Everett had been saving a big rock with a fossil in it for a long time to bring and trade in for points!

We finally got the AC fixed in our van! (After this very uncomfortable ride home from Austin.)
We had a great time with Ashley and Soren, going on walks and just playing around the house.

Ashley caught this awesome moment. Everett often pushes Isla on the tire swing, but this time he spun her a little too fast!
Faye naps every day. I often try to prevent the nap to encourage an earlier bedtime, but she always ends up falling asleep at some point!
Girls and their dolls.
Sunday afternoon.
Isla has started pretending to be pregnant just like Faye used to all the time!
He insisted I take this picture before he go wipe his nose. Thanks, Everett.
Two very nice boys showed up at my house and did some yard work.
And a couple of other very nice boys did some more yard work that weekend!
We get some of the best weather in February and March here! This was on a lovely Sunday evening walk on the trails behind our neighborhood. Rick had been working late nights pretty much every night for weeks straight, and we were so happy to have him home!

I'm getting better at braiding Faye's hair!
We have a tradition of going to Pump-it-Up every early-release Friday.
At a Piggie and Gerald puppet show.
When big sister is at pre school, Isla takes over her things!