Saturday, August 15, 2015

July 2015.

 We started our Fourth of July celebrations with the church's pancake breakfast. Then Ali led the kids in making some cute patriotic crafts while we prepped food. We swam and ate and played with water balloons that Jeanel had brought! The little girls went to bed, and as it was getting dark we decided last-minute to try and find some fireworks to watch. Rick and I took the kids to the top of the hospital parking garage, and we ran around spotting the best fireworks from six or eight different shows!

Faye's cousins would often find little toads, and she adopted one to keep as a pet. This was her reaction when she found out that "Coca" had died.

 We ran out of time to make homemade ice cream on the fourth but did it the following Sunday instead.

 Rick texted me this picture one night while I was out and he was putting the kids to bed.

We look forward to Cow Appreciation Day every year! Everett decided to be a manly bull instead of a cow. He found some brown clothes (Carson's old bowling lane costume), and after looking at picture of bulls with gold rings through their noses, made great use of an old baby toy ring. We hit up Chick Fil A for breakfast, and the cows (and bull) played hide-and-seek in the fabric while I ran an errand at Joann's. We went back again for dinner with some friends!
The boys both played summer basketball. This was the first time Everett had played anything on his own team! Carson, at least a year younger than most of the other players, did a great job and managed to score a few points during the season. Everett started out a little confused; his first game he played defense about 90% of the time and was never really sure where the ball was. But he caught on, and at his last game he was really into it. He was guarding a kid a good head taller than him, and he totally blocked a couple of his shots. Everett did manage to weasel his way in and score a basket or two each game.

At the indoor playground at the YMCA, Isla used to climb all the way to the top and then get too scared to go down the dark slide. I would have to climb up and get her every time! One day she just decided to do it! This is her pleased face when she conquered her fear.

 Our annual Page, Brittney and Jen reunion was so fun! Jen added baby Brooke to our brood, and obviously everyone adored her. We filled a couple of days with visits to the YMCA and the pool, playing at Pump It Up, making Texas T-shirts, and Rick babysat one night while we ate fajitas at Pappasito's. This was the last summer we'll all live in Texas. We miss these girls and their kids!

 Carson read all of the Chronicle of Narnia books, so I took him out for frozen yogurt to discuss his readings. He talked for about 30 minutes straight, summarizing the first book, The Magician's Nephew. We had to go (I was packing for the beach that night!). I wish we had more time to talk!