Tuesday, August 11, 2015

June 2015.

June began with the end of the school year. Faye had joined the YMCA's preschool in January and had a great six months with Miss Melissa and Miss Lora. They run an amazing group there! Faye loved to report to me who got "on red" (aka in trouble) each day and which girls wanted to marry which boys in her class. Her handwriting also improved a lot!

Carson finished up a great year with Mr. Todd. Carson fit right in in second grade and wasn't bothered at all when he stood out or when something embarrassing happened. I'm impressed with his resilience! Carson won first place for AR (Accelerated Reader) in his grade and enjoyed participating in a third grade reading group. I love watching him interact with his classmates. He seems to take after his dad in that he gets along with everyone.

Everett started out frustrated that Kindergarten was a little too structured for him, but he adjusted quickly and loved his year with Ms. Cisneros. Another amazing teacher! She really worked the kids hard. Everett had more homework than Carson ever did! Everett's writing skills really improved this year, and I especially loved the artwork he would bring home. He was happy to win a trophy for third place for Accelerated Reader for his grade. I think Everett is pretty quiet at school. He certainly won the hearts of all the teachers and aides; they would frequently tell me how cute he is. I'm glad he's so polite and respectful at school.

Lots of tire swing action before it gets too hot!

One summer morning no one got any chores or schooling done because they were all too busy working on a "potion" together. You never know what's going to bring them together and entertain them for hours! It was mostly water and watercolors.

The start of summer means the start of summer goals for us! Everett learned several scripture stories for one goal, and Carson copied down 25 scriptures. (Trying to improve that handwriting!)

Carson planned and prepared a dinner of chicken, rice and broccoli one night for the family.

We love our friend Lindsay McNary! She came over one day and helped the girls make these cute puppets.

Carson finally lost that scraggle tooth that had been hanging on for far too long! It killed me to see it, so I finally bribed Carson to let me pull it out. He got to play a game of minion rush in exchange.

Everett's trophy arrived from winning fourth place in the city-wide bike rodeo! He was competing against Kindergarten and first-graders. The trophy's not too shabby!

The kids like to come downtown with me to purchase produce for our local co-op. We totally lucked out this particular day and caught the train going by while we waited for our produce to be ready. We played on the tracks and left pennies there and then ran out of the way when we heard the train coming! The conductor waved to us, and we got some cool, flattened pennies.

The girls participated in a super cute four-day dance "camp" at Miss Nanci's house. Isla was technically not old enough, and showed her immaturity when she giggled and told me she was "not a good listener." I kept her home the next day to nap instead, but she went the last two days and did ok I think! She did seem to know the dances at the show they put on the last day. It was so cute!

The kids have become good friends with Quintin and Elise Allen, and we love having them over!

We were so thrilled to have Rick's sisters come to visit us at the end of June!! Jeanel brought her three boys, and Suzette brought Alison and Wilson. This was one of my favorite moments, when these older boy cousins let the girls walk across their "bridge." The girls were screaming with joy, and the boys were groaning but laughing each time they got stepped on.

Jeanel and Suzette are seriously the best aunts in the world. We enjoyed a game of bowling, and Jeanel entertained Isla.

A nighttime ghost tour of downtown San Antonio! They told some pretty interesting stories, and it was fun to walk around when it was dark and a little cooler.

We went to Landa Park one day. A train ride, mini golf, swimming, and fishing made for a great day! Wilson and Landon can and do fish for hours and hours. Everett liked to tag along and now begs to go fishing all the time.

There were a couple of afternoons when we had the kids do their workbooks or summer homework for a bit. Some were more happy to do this than others! And Wilson jumped in with a blank notebook for the picture.

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