Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Muddy Everett.

So, packing up a house takes a really, really long time. Especially when one person is basically doing all the work. While I am trying to work 3-4 hours a day, taking care of the kids, picking out carpet for the new house, etc., poor Rick is wrestling bubble wrap and emptying bookshelves and loading up one box at a time.

Obviously there is no time for blogging, but I had to share this picture of Everett.

Every Tuesday evening, we all head over to the Y. I go to kickboxing, Faye goes to the childcare room, Carson plays T-ball, Rick coaches his team, and Everett watches the T-ball game. He is usually so good to sit right by the game and play with his little red football the whole time. However, yesterday when Faye and I ran in after leaving kickboxing early to catch the last part of the game, Everett was no where to be found. I started to get a little bit panicky after a few minutes of looking all around the fields and not seeing him. Then another T-ball mom pointed to a little blond boy way out past the fields and asked if that was who I was looking for. Everett was facing away from us, and I said, "hm, he wasn't wearing brown shorts, but it looks like him." So I ran over, and it turns out the brown shorts were actually the blue shorts turned brown when he plopped down in the mud. When I got to him, he looked up at me and with a really concerned expression said, "MOM, do you have a... boat?" He really needed a little boat to put in the muddy "bath" with him. So I took pictures, walked him back over to the game (where you can imagine everyone loved it), and when he asked if he could ride home in the nude I said YES.

And these are pictures from a different T-ball game when we all stayed to watch.

Everett asked me to take pictures of him making different faces.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Farewell Picnic.

We had a nice little pot-luck party at Hathaway Park, since so many of us are moving away.

I failed to take pictures of most of our friends, but of course I managed to get pictures of my cute kids!

Everett and Faye are both big doggie lovers (as long as the dog is small and calm!), but Carson stays far away.

Faye is so excited!

There was a big mud puddle right by the park. How did I know that Everett would be the one to eventually jump in? He obeyed and stayed out for the first hour or so that we were there, but it was just too tempting.

Hathaway Park.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

camping out.

First daddy/kids camping trip! It was mostly a success, except for the fact that we only own two sleeping bags, so Rick slept on the cold, hard ground on a blanket. And except for Everett popping out of his sleeping bag every few minutes to play around instead of falling asleep.

The campsite was a really fun place next to a lake with a playground and basketball courts. For dinner, the boys roasted hot dogs and enjoyed lots of s'mores.

Look at that cute little flirty face. Just wait, there are more pictures of these two together.
Apparently Everett isn't as much of a ladies' man... yet.

Rick thought the van looked so beautiful here he had to take a picture. Isn't it lovely?

We look forward to lots more campouts in the future! And I am very content to stay home with the little girls!