Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Finished the construction phase of the built-in bookshelves and started styling them!
Experienced our first San Antonio "snowstorm!"
Tiny little balls of hail/snow.
The boys had a fun math and science week at school. On this day they dressed as (really) mad scientists.
Sweet baby. She likes to sleep all snuggled up with no less than three blankets, plus a pillow, lovey, etc.
Built some cool pyramids.
Weren't too sad about losing a railing on the fence, since it allowed for some great dog-watching.
Talk about spying on the neighbors!
Helped with Carson's Valentine class pary with ice cream sundaes. (Lucky Everett got to tag along.)
The boys made pet rocks for each of their classmates for Valentines Day. The card inside said, "you rock!" Most of the pet rocks were painted to look like the recipient! Carson's friend Chris' rock was the best imitation.
My mom gave Rick a gift card to Culver's that we cashed in on. I am definitely not a fast food nor burger fan, but I will take a Culver's burger any day! Especially if it has mushrooms and swiss cheese on sourdough bread.
Faye tries really hard to smile for the camera, and this is how it turns out.
This must have been one warm February day!
Everett requested I take this picture of him, down in his favorite hiding spot that's off the path from the parking lot to the library.
Since we've painted the kitchen cabinets, the fridge, gotten new countertops and a new dishwasher, it was time to add a beautiful back splash. I got my heart set on marble tile, even though it's not the simplest to install. (And even though it looks expensive, it was only $6/square foot!) We ended up buying a wet saw to cut the tiles around the outlets, etc. Rick proved himself to be a great tile cutter! (Although unfortunately his vacation week ended before we finished the back splash, and I sort of lost steam for the project, so it's been sitting half finished for almost a month now!)
We caught a squirrel snitching bird seed.
Faye continues to have an obsession with packing/organizing/stuffing little things into bags and drawers. Don't worry, the razors have covers on them. They make great toys, right?
That lovely smile again!
These are the girls' cute work out outfits from their Aunt Jeanel.

There's that back splash, in construction!
Miss Faye with her extra large birthday card from Grandma GJ. (And adorable elephant rocking chair that I could not resist purchasing!)
Speaking of adorable... Just kidding. Isla had a little cold.
My friend Amber was over one night and bathed Isla, and then Faye, in the kitchen sink. (She claims to have bathed her daughter in the sink until she was six!)
Faye even convinced me that she and Isla could both fit, and I guess she was right.
Now every time I am washing dishes, the kids start taking off their clothes and trying to get in the sink. It's a bit of a problem sometimes.

A shot of the lower cabinets. Chelsea grey by Benjamin Moore is a beautiful color! I added brass hardware. The counter tops are the Lowe's knock off of Corian, glacier white. And the back splash is going to be so great once it has grey grout in there.
Sometimes Everett takes pictures of me and adds PBS characters. And unfortunately this is what I look like most days.
Grandma GJ sent a kit to make some super cute bugs!!
Also in February, Rick had a vacation week, and we went to the beach!