Monday, March 14, 2016

January 2016.

A few more relaxing days before going back to school: building forts, creating a Star Wars notebook, reading together, and organizing our messy game cabinet.

Sunday pictures. Sometimes the outtakes are the best!


These funny girls got brand new baby dolls for Christmas. The new dolls were quite a bit bigger than these old ones, and it didn't take the girls to realize they couldn't fit the big dolls under their shirts or carry them around easily in their Moby wraps. So Faye decided she hated her new doll, and Isla followed suit. Here they are reunited with their old dolls that they had left at a friend's house. And the brand new, big baby dolls are abandoned in the back of their closet.

10 p.m. haircuts while watching a nail biting TCU vs Oregon game.

Bobcat award.

Carson and friends help me make a dent in the leaf situation in exchange for bowls of ice cream.
Aaand three days later, finally done.
Spot It is the best game, fun for three-year-olds and adults alike!

Isla helps with a babysitting job.

Everett's beloved pumpkin plant, with its very own pile of compost. I believe the poor thing has died now.

Getting ready for Faye's birthday party.

Faye and her friend Reagan have birthdays a day apart, so Reagan's mother and I decided to do a joint party for them. Faye's love of bunnies and squirrels led to a woodland animal theme. (And Reagan is easygoing enough that that was fine with her!) The party guests played relay racing games, ate donuts off a string, and painted birdhouses. Faye is a fun five-year-old!

Everett begs to be able to go hunting for deer with his bow-and-arrow. He also made an appearance at Faye's birthday party dressed in camo ready to attack the woodland animals with his weapon.

Rick's Taurus lives on and no longer leaks steering fluid. Our auto-mechanic says Rick has the best luck she's ever seen.

I put on a two week "Scobee families GET FIT challenge" at the kids' school. Each classroom had a poster where they kept track of how many times they did certain healthy activities like walking or riding bikes to school, eating fruits and vegetables, going a day without sweets or video games, etc. In the mornings some other PTA members and I would run around encouraging the classes to do plank challenges and wall sits.

Faye's birthday treat for her class.

On her actual birthday, she got to go pick out her very first Shopkins with money sent from Grandmama. After going back and forth between two stores she picked a set that she liked. Then we headed to Yogurt Zone for more celebrating. She apparently has always wanted to get the gummy dolphin in her yogurt, and on her birthday she got to do just that. It wasn't easy to chew once frozen with the yogurt!

We love having a backyard full of boys on a Friday afternoon.

At the end of January the boys (and Rick) entered the world of Little League baseball with evaluations. Our boys are definitely beginners, and I was amazed at the skills of some of the other boys being evaluated.

We were also in the middle of their basketball season, where they played with their friend Quintin Allen. Carson and Quintin scored 90% of the team's points, and it was really fun to watch them play.

Over the course of few evenings we watched The Sound of Music as a family. Such a great movie!!