Tuesday, August 26, 2014

July 2014.

July began with our annual PB&J get-together! (PB&J = Page, Brittney and Jen. BFFs and former college roomies.) I love hanging out with these girls and their cute kids!
We like to have late-night conversations and to coerce Rick into taking pictures of us while we talk.
Jen came on a Wednesday night and wanted to come to my Insanity class. 11-year-old Rylie from down the street came for her very first independent babysitting job. We figured throwing seven kids at her and telling her to put two babies to bed was a good way to give her some experience! She did a great job.
Fourth of July! I had lots of helpers to put up our little flags.

We ventured downtown with our cute brood to check out the Alamo and go on a boat ride down the Riverwalk. In homemade patriotic T-shirts!!
Something stinky, Faye?
Isla and Trevor are into paci sharing.
Faye idolizes Jane, and they spent many hours in the bathroom painting nails.
Baby duckies. Isla loves ducks!

Back at home we did some little fireworks. (Note to self: save myself 12 bucks next year and just throw some confetti in the air.)
Real firework shows on Youtube are much better!
We roasted marshmallows.
Brittney gave me some good tips on how to fatten up skinny kids.
They swam, read, played games, etc. And then it was time to go home! Carson and Kate are such good buddies.
I feel the need to take pictures like this, just in case. How fun would it be if my kids married my friends' kids??
Everett and Jane. Everett gets sad and tender when visits come to an end.
Ellie's ready for her drive back home! Til next year!!
Checked on Faye one night to find her both co-sleeping and pregnant! 
Recently Everett was drawing pictures of each major Holiday. He had Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc. down and then said, "Wait, I forgot Chick-Fil-A Day!" This day really was super fun for the kids. As soon as they woke up, we got dressed up and headed down for our free breakfast. (And no, my arm does not always look like this. I was totally flexing.)
Then the boys got to go to Pump It Up all day long! Everett had actually won an entire week of camp there for free. So he'd been going for at least a couple of hours every day. Carson did extra jobs around the house to earn his way into going the last day of camp with Everett. The girls and I joined them for a jumping session in the afternoon. It was so much fun!
Then we went back to Chick Fil A for dinner! With a couple of friends this time.
And since it was 7/11, we took advantage of the free Slurpees too. A fun, sticky day!
All summer long, the kids were working on their goals. One of Carson's was to tie his shoes.
And Everett worked so hard to finish his entire workbook!
One of Faye's goals was to babysit little Ollie five time, and to learn to change his diaper. 
She did so great! This day I was in the kitchen cooking and just called out instructions to her. She took care of him by herself for about an hour.
Everett cooked dinner for the family, and a couple of times made up bagels for everyone too.
Carson read 100 books! (And probably a lot more, but he had to write down the titles of 100 and do a couple of book reports.)
Everett also did some good quality reading this summer.
The younger three continue to love sink baths. I normally don't let Everett, but this day apparently he took one! Notice Faye stirring him.
The benefit of bathing in the kitchen is that snacks are readily available.

One evening we hadn't seen dad in a looong time, so we met him at work for dinner! The kids are hilarious (and way too noisy) running through the hospital halls.
Yesterday, Isla had a doctor appointment, and when we walked in the hospital Faye nonchalantly asked, "Oh, so is this where dad lives?"
Can't remember why I let the boys stay up and hang out with dad one night.
Picking up produce for our co-op. Across the street is the cutest little produce grocery store, where they sell fruit cups for the kids.
Straightened Faye's hair one Sunday. She looks so different!
I just love when she throws back her head to laugh. I hope she always does that!
Just some bums and some coloring. Makes you think twice about where you sit when you come to our house!
Carson laughing, and he's lost his second tooth! Carson took a two-part test to skip out of first grade this summer. We spent some time studying social studies and Texas history to get ready for it, and he was laughing at something I had not known or gotten wrong. :)
A rare moment at the library when they were actually all reading instead of running around grabbing way too many books!
Curious kiddies!
Another couple I think would be a good match later on! (Is Everett every wearing pants?)
We wanted to do a bike ride one Saturday morning, and I should have changed our plans since it had rained the night before!
The HOA had a little party for the neighborhood with a little train!
Helping dad cut down some branches.
This is Everett, in his element. 
July was also full of some little camps at the YMCA, swimming at the neighborhood pool, and getting ready for our big trip to Utah and Idaho.