Friday, July 23, 2010

Last Sunday: Before and After Church.

This is before church, being a little funny with mom's glasses.

I took about 12 photos like this. He was laughing too hard to be still.

And this is after church, when he really let loose.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The boys' room is coming along.

It was time for the teddy bear theme to go. And since I'd like the boys to share a room at some point, I thought I would go ahead and create a shared room with some new decor. I really want the boys to love their room, and for it to be a happy place for them to read and sleep. I still have a lot to do but am happy with how Carson's bed and dresser are turning out. Here they are:

Ignore the things on the dresser... still getting rid of the red in favor of blue and yellow, with a little green. These dressers were free; we just painted them.

We made Carson's little bed, which really only took an afternoon. The pillows, however, I finally just finished after starting them a month ago!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The time has come,

after 15.5 months, to say goodbye to nursing this sweet little thing. I only cried a little yesterday. I would have liked to nurse him longer, but it got a little annoying wrestling him to stay on my lap. And he made it quite obvious he was ready to be done when I would get ready to nurse him, he would look at me, shake his head, and say, "no."


Apparently I have not been taking enough pictures of the kids. This was the best recent one I could find of Everett, with his cute little worried face, taken a month ago at JoAnn's. Why did I take a picture of him at JoAnn's?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My favorite part of the day

was when everyone cleaned the house together.

These boys are going to be doing the cleaning themselves in no time.

Also, right now Rick is suturing a pig's foot.

We haven't had our dad to ourselves in quite a while, so today was a real treat. The family cleaning party, a Costco trip, lots of playing with daddy, and home-made ice cream made for a really fun Saturday. And my baseboards are clean for the first time in quite a while!