Monday, June 22, 2015

May 2015.

We had a yard sale. I don't think it was worth the time, but the kids love doing them! They especially love making and selling cookies.


We got to babysit a sweet little newborn for an evening. We had so much fun playing with her and snuggling her. The boys stayed up that night and we just about finished The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. That was a fantastic book to read aloud to them. Both Carson and Everett were very into it. When Aslan dies, Carson and I were both in tears. Everett was so confused and couldn't understand why we were crying??

Grandmama and Pappy came for a much anticipated visit! (Isla is actually still anticipating it. She frequently says she "can't wait til Gramma comes in May!" She also thinks my mom can fix anything. Every time something breaks, she asks to call her to come fix it.)

My mom came with us to get produce for our group.

She makes some really really good artisan bread!

We had tickets to go on a nighttime ghost tour of downtown San Antonio with my parents. I even had a babysitter for the girls so just the adults and boys could go. That evening rain was predicted, but the ghost tour was supposed to go on! Last-minute I decided to stay home with the girls, and I'm really glad I did because Isla is terrified of thunder! They were only a few minutes into the tour when everyone's phones went off saying there was a flash flood and tornado warning. I was at home seeing alerts that there was a tornado just a couple of miles away! At one point the wind really picked up and I wondered if I should grab the girls from their beds and take cover. Thankfully they were safe and got a full refund from the canceled tour. They had fun taking shelter in a hotel gift shop and getting some ice cream. Then we watched a bowling tournament back at home.

My dad helped us with a really exciting project: a new bathroom door! After our pocket door got busted, rather than repair it I wanted to build an exterior sliding door. So he and Rick got to work. I've since stained the door, and we've got it almost fully functional now. We're so glad my parents came to visit!

Just some girls with their babies.

We got to have our friends Shane and Dimaris stay with us for a couple of days while they waited to close on their house. Faye loves their dog!

The boys competed in the San Antonio city-wide bike rodeo! They both won for their grade level so advanced to the city level. 

We were all wearing matching T shirts because we were on our way to a Texas-themed church activity! Everett ended up placing fourth for the Kinder/First grade level, and he got a trophy that is about as tall as he is!

That same Saturday, we had a full afternoon planned: pool, then Carson's last soccer game of the season and end-of-season party. Just as we were about to leave, we watched a huge storm roll in an heard the first cracks of thunder. Everything canceled! So we stayed home and made a really huge fort with several rooms and then a triple batch of our favorite waffles. Isla constantly kept her hands on her ears to block out the thunder!

Summer hair cuts.

Teacher appreciation week. We tried to do lots of special things for our awesome teachers. Some friends and I set up some gifts and treats for the Child Watch teachers at the YMCA.

Rick was on call a lot! This was on Mother's Day. He did get off of work at a decent time on Mother's Day and fulfilled my wish of him taking more pictures of me with the kids. (And pictures of Carson's muscles, too!)

One of my functional training classes!

Carson helped me mow the lawn one day.

We finally got around to hanging some pictures in the boys' bedroom. It was fun to let them pick out what they wanted on their walls. Everett's says a a lot about him: he loves money and works hard to earn it, he loves superheros and is strong and brave like the Hulk, he likes playing around with the guys, he is good at art and included an original painting, and has several nicknames relating to pigs! Carson's wall has pictures all relating to sports. He wanted on of Frank Kaminsky, one of Aaron Rogers, and then we framed a bracket and also found a cool print of the United States with the sports team logos on it.

Rick turned thirty-one! He actually had a lot of presents to open, thanks to a package from his mother!

SO much rain!!! Our backyard turns into this at least once a week lately. Which means the kids turn into mud monsters regularly.