Monday, June 15, 2015

April 2015.

Everett turned six! We shared fruit kabobs and cake pops with his kindergarten class, and he brought a few friends to play Monster Golf and have pizza at our house afterwards for his party. Sadly we lost all the pictures we took of his party! I made a super cute cake that was like a golf course. 

Carson and Rick were so excited to see the Badgers in the championship NCAA game. The whole family was actually quite involved in the March Madness bracket challenge this year. Wisconsin lost, and Carson was inconsolable for a long time.

Rick won the family bracket challenge, (Isla took second place. She was the only one who correctly predicted Duke to win the championship game!) so he got to choose a restaurant to go to. Well, he chose the hospital cafeteria since he had extra money on his meal card. I'm glad we're both frugal! We all shared some melting ice cream for dessert.

We hosted a good friend who came to San Antonio to house hunt, and Faye and Isla both loved her. (Faye loves anyone who is pregnant.) This was Faye the morning she woke up to discover that Dimaris was gone. 

2015 Scobee Elementary School carnival.

These boys may not realize it, but they really are best friends. They spend hours and hours together and fight some, but for the most party they have a great time together. Everett can get Carson laughing so hard he can't stop.

And the girls, in their element. One of them is often a dog, being pulled on a leash by the other.

About once a month I go downtown to buy produce for our group. The kids love to come and get fruit cups from the grocery store across the street. We usually see a train go by while we're waiting as well.

Public libraries are the best. Story time and then crafts that I don't have to clean up.

Our good friend Laura turned 30, and we got all dressed up to go to her party! We hardly ever go out, so this was big for us!! My friend and neighbor Amber helped me get ready, which was nice, since I don't own any eyeliner. We had a lot of fun having adult conversations without the kids around.

Rick scheduled a vacation week to coincide with his mother's birthday, and he flew out to Utah to visit her. We decided he should take Faye with him. She's not in school yet and hardly ever gets to have one-on-one time with her dad! So, we dropped these two off at the airport and said goodbye for four days. Sure enough, Faye had the time of her life hanging out with grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and especially the dog, Maizy!

One night while Rick and Faye were gone, the boys had a sleepover in my room.

Faye arrived home and got busy organizing indoor family picnics.

We've enjoyed a very mild Spring! A nice sunny day outside of the Y, our second home, called for taking pictures of Isla's pigtails.

Our family's recent favorite meal: chicken, spinach and tomato alfredo pesto penne pasta bake. (We need to invent a better name.) I regularly make a huge batch of it and give away a dinner to whoever has just had a baby or something!

Easter! Rick was on call Easter weekend. I actually successfully sewed dresses for the girls!! We went to a neighborhood Easter egg hunt (with a questionable Easter bunny), and another fun hunt hosted by our good friend Jodi. We had a few friends over for a fancy brunch and let the kids hunt for their baskets. They each received a little lego set and their traditional special book.

Carson participated in another season of soccer at the Y. He's getting better!

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