Friday, May 13, 2016

March 2016.

Isla is proving herself to be a good little beginning reader. She and Faye are on about the same level!
Both boys are in machine pitch Little League baseball. Getting some practice in at the batting cages.
First grade Texas projects. Everett's was an oil well. We learned lots about how they work. A week or so after this we ended up driving by several real oil wells south of San Antonio, and it was really cool to see them! The first graders paraded around the school to Western music so we could all see their work.
The Brew Crew, missing manager Rick Otto.
Dance class with Miss Nanci.
Carson's art project that was in the art fair.
I didn't feel well one day and woke up from a nap to this collage of pictures from the Joann's ad, by Faye.

Sunday evening walks have become a favorite. Until it gets too hot!! This particular day had some really cool storm clouds and beautiful temperatures.
Found a butterfly at the YMCA.
Isla decided this was her favorite outfit, and that she would wear it every day. One day after school Faye put on the same thing to be twins. A few minutes later the boys came downstairs, having coordinated their outfits as well. We went to the library with double twins.
Faye has discovered how to keep John still for a bit, swaddled in a curtain.
Before haircut.
And after, which I now see is totally uneven! I have no idea what I'm doing with haircuts.
She insisted on keeping the hairs.
Everett asked to take a picture of one of his creations.

One Sunday afternoon we met Rick at the hospital for dinner. Thought about ignoring this sign, until Rick turned over a log to see if it was safe for sitting and saw an actual rattlesnake!
March madness begins! Carson helps Faye create her bracket. Faye ended up winning the family bracket competition!
A trip to the zoo with friends over Spring Break.
St. Patrick's Day.
Faye's set-up for a good night's rest.
One day over Spring Break, we headed to the beach with the Francisco's. We went to Mustang Island for the day. Somehow driving five hours (2.5 each way) seemed like nothing! And the beach was just wonderful. We all had a great time.
Spurs winning another home game.
Everyone was uncharacteristically happy this Sunday!
My errands buddy.
The girls transformed the bathroom into a birthing center. There were organizers hanging from the towel racks with various supplies in them, a packed suitcase, obviously lots of towels, soothing music, and from downstairs I could hear excited shouts of, "the baby's coming out!"
One of my group functional classes.
In preparation for the Scobee carnival I collected donations from Everett's class to make an arts and crafts basket.
A Friday afternoon at the library.
Easter egg dying with shaving cream.

Baskets ready on Easter-eve. Everett and I already finished Hatchet, it was amazing, and he loved it. Carson and I read Wonder separately since he won't wait for me, and we also both thought it was great. Faye's The Country Bunny fits her to a T, and you can't go wrong with Lowly Worm.
I told them if they would all look normal for one picture, they could do the nose trick for another. The girls requested Easter dresses that reached the floor; these were fun to make! We enjoyed Easter dinner and a little backyard egg hunt with Shane and Dimaris. Rick was on call of course, but did get to join us for part of the day.
Our turn to pick up for the produce co-op.
Cleaning up after these girls is a full-time job. This may look harmless, but she has stuffed everything but the kitchen sink under her sheets.
The girls have fun and (mostly) entertain themselves during the boys' many, many baseball games!