Thursday, May 12, 2016

February 2016.

Still loving John the bunny.
She looks forward to Fridays, when we do copies for Everett's teacher.
Usually when we're on the way to a birthday party, I throw some paper, crayons and a clipboard at Everett in the back seat, and he creates an amazing card for the birthday kid. He's a good artist!
Rick was on call a lot in February. This was a lonely weekend night when I let the boys stay up and play cards to motivate me to fold laundry while I watched them.
The boys played basketball on the same team, with good friend Quintin. Carson and Quintin probably scored 95% of the team's points. Everett played up an age group, but held his own on defense and even scored a basket or two.
Valentine making mess! So fun.
More creating.
Typical weekend morning scene.
I spy a napping Isla.
Ready for a friend's princess birthday party. Realized that we don't own any princess dress-ups! She doesn't need one.

Not actually sleeping. John the bunny would not stay still enough for that.
So smart night at the school.
Practicing cartwheels. I made this mat for the tumbling class I teach at the Y.

Had to have an R2 D2 Valentine box, and was very particular about how it all turned out!
Discovered that this chick can write letters while making her Valentines. What??
These girls attended FOUR parties on Valentine's Day. The sugar consumption was unreal. I tried my best to limit it and teach healthy choices, but this was not my favorite day!

In the evening of Valentine's Day (Rick was on call again of course) we went to a really fun park and ate dinner there.
Four a couple of weeks straight it seemed like was always had an extra kid in tow! It's fun to have a baby around.
Massive fort with multiple rooms.
Sunday Valentine pizza, for which Rick got to be home!
The beloved Taurus is still with us.
Coincidental matching deer shirts!
Fun to have dad at home for bedtime!

Fun birthday party at the Kiddie Park! Faye is not a big fan of the rides.

We got to have Reagan and family in town for a couple of days while they were mid-cross-country-move! We did the typical San Antonio downtown stuff. Cousins are the best.
Faye is the self-declared "Queen of the Squirrels," and they've decided that Isla is in charge of the birds. She was delighted that these little birdies ate her bread crumbs.
Sometimes Isla naps in the afternoon and Faye doesn't, resulting in some nice one-on-one time. She likes to make up stories of random things that happened at school. Caught her telling a tall tale here!
Carson on his way to the school field trip to the zoo. He brought a really old camera and plenty of extra batteries, just in case.
Getting awards for the Reflections contest from principal Mr. Tatsch.
The only participant in the school whose submission went the state level. She's only a little smug about that.
It was also rodeo day. Everett loves pictures.

Then we went to the actual rodeo! It was dollar Friday, and everything was so, so fun. Baby pig races, BMX bike show, petting zoo, tons of free food samples, and carnival rides.
Determined to be brave this time.
We did bumper cars together. Moments later, I couldn't find Everett and got frantic enough to alert rodeo officials. He was found playing some little game with ping pong balls in an obscure corner of the game area.

The girls' set-up at a morning basketball game. Rick wasn't able to make a single game all season so these two and I tried to be the best supporters.
The boys love playing "ga-ga ball" at the YMCA.
Fly swatter games are another favorite.
In one game you stick the swatter down the back of your pants and see who can keep theirs in the longest. Notice Carson plotting with Everett against the unassuming girls.

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