Tuesday, November 16, 2010

He loves Richard Scarry.


And he is learning to love sharing a room with his brother.

I do not love having my boys start their day with me at 6 a.m. when they used to sleep in until at least 7 (Carson) and 8 (Everett). We will give this a week and see if it gets any better!

Thank you Central Library.

I am so glad that these two boys love story time. Although we haven't been able to do the weekly library storytime as religiously as we used to, whenever we do go I know it will be a relaxing time for me! Carson takes activities like this extremely seriously, following directions to a T, never smiling because this is really serious business. Everett is old enough now he will sit and participate for most of the time, so it really is nice for me and fun for them.


If you're happy and you know it...
Shout hurray!

Third year is not so bad.

During our first couple of rotations this year, I thought I hated third year of medical school. But there are totally some high points! Like radiology. And Rick's upcoming Family Medicine rotation, which is rumored to be called the Family Vacation rotation.

The boys really love having dad for a few minutes in the mornings. I feel like whether or not Everett sees his dad when he wakes up has a major impact on his overall emotional state during the day.

Here are two of the boys on one such morning when they got to eat breakfast together. Rick really gets a kick out of seeing how big Carson can open up his mouth.


Proof that I did try couponing.

I'm sorry, I know everyone is sick of these pictures, but I had to post it just this once!

I'm good at some things. I'm not good at other things. I am really really bad at couponing. I lose coupons (I have totally lost coupons in the store, when I just had them in my hand), I have trouble printing them, I get cranky about the amount of time I spent getting ready for and at the store, and I get emotional when the store is out of the item I need.

So I had to document the fact that I did have success last week with Harris Teeter's super doubles. The picture above was $3, I think, and I went back a few times for more of the same. One time the store ended up owing me 50 cents, and I got to pick out a candy bar!! That made me like couponing a little bit more, but I still cannot say I want to do it again any time soon. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

E is for Elephant.

I like documenting the little pre-schools we do, so here we go with letter E. (This is actually old...don't worry; all of Carson's Halloween shirts were quickly put away after the holiday!)

First we made the letter E with foam rectangles. For some reason the really liked doing this over and over again, switching colors, then racing for speed, etc.

Let's be honest: Olive has awesome penmanship, and Carson... well, he's working on it. They both did really well writing the letter E later. It is a fun one to write: first the daddy line, the three baby lines!


Elephant puzzles. We did a few more activities like this that I didn't take pictures of.

E snack: Eggs on English muffins.

We did more, but I can't remember... an elephant cut-and-paste was one. Oh, for one activity, I just wrote up a bunch of words that start with E on the white board. We went through them, and they took turns trying to define each word. I think this is a great skill for them to have, and they were really good at it. My favorite was the word "elevator." Carson said, "it's something that digs!" Very close; that's excavator!

And Everett still loves being king of the playroom while brother is busy!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The latest visit from the grandparents.

We LOVE weekend visits from Grandmama and Pappy. Who wouldn't love a grandma who helps a boy stand on top of a pick up truck? (Little Everett wasn't brave enough, but now every time he sees a pick up truck, he says, "PAPPY!! PAPPY!!)

And who wouldn't love a Pappy who gets a whole month's list of to-do's DONE in one day??? I wasn't sure if I would ever actually get this chandelier up in the new baby's room, but here it is!!!

Both boys worked hard on the house... Pappy is hanging a mirror I also wasn't sure if I would ever get hung, and Rick winterized all the windows.

Grandmama helped me spray paint some frames, we discovered some cute stores downtown, and we ate delicious North Carolina BBQ. Come again soon!

Monday, November 1, 2010

He was a woad.

For the past month, it has been sort of painful listening to Carson respond to the typical question, "What are you going to be for Halloween?" When he would say, "I'm going to be a WOAD!!" people would just look sort of confused. So, we were all glad when finally he could show everyone what he was talking about.
Carson and Everett both had "road" costumes, but Everett is also in love with this monster get-up. The funny thing is, he thinks it's a bunny costume. And he pronounces bunny, "munny." So all day he ran around saying, "Munny! Munny!" They wore these costumes to a pre-school Halloween party.

Having a yummy lunch at the Halloween party.
We had to hide the "munny" costume on Saturday night, so Everett would agree to be a road with his brother. We did our church's trunk-or-treat. 

Handsome Rick got home from a Scouts camp-out just in time to join us. Carson and I had earlier decided that he would wear this piggy hat, and Rick actually had the idea to add the pink shirt.

The costume proved to be a very fitting one, because I think everyone else had stopped going back for more chili and cornbread for at least an hour at this point.
This lucky boy was given a lollipop. He stood right in the middle of all the trunk-or-treating chaos for a good 20 minutes, without a care in the world besides consuming that delicious sugar.
Yep, still there.

Still working on that lollipop.

And then our boys spent the rest of the evening playing at the water fountain and in their nursery classroom.
It was a delightful Halloween weekend, and on Sunday our boys didn't even know they missed anything!