Tuesday, November 9, 2010

E is for Elephant.

I like documenting the little pre-schools we do, so here we go with letter E. (This is actually old...don't worry; all of Carson's Halloween shirts were quickly put away after the holiday!)

First we made the letter E with foam rectangles. For some reason the really liked doing this over and over again, switching colors, then racing for speed, etc.

Let's be honest: Olive has awesome penmanship, and Carson... well, he's working on it. They both did really well writing the letter E later. It is a fun one to write: first the daddy line, the three baby lines!


Elephant puzzles. We did a few more activities like this that I didn't take pictures of.

E snack: Eggs on English muffins.

We did more, but I can't remember... an elephant cut-and-paste was one. Oh, for one activity, I just wrote up a bunch of words that start with E on the white board. We went through them, and they took turns trying to define each word. I think this is a great skill for them to have, and they were really good at it. My favorite was the word "elevator." Carson said, "it's something that digs!" Very close; that's excavator!

And Everett still loves being king of the playroom while brother is busy!

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