Monday, November 1, 2010

He was a woad.

For the past month, it has been sort of painful listening to Carson respond to the typical question, "What are you going to be for Halloween?" When he would say, "I'm going to be a WOAD!!" people would just look sort of confused. So, we were all glad when finally he could show everyone what he was talking about.
Carson and Everett both had "road" costumes, but Everett is also in love with this monster get-up. The funny thing is, he thinks it's a bunny costume. And he pronounces bunny, "munny." So all day he ran around saying, "Munny! Munny!" They wore these costumes to a pre-school Halloween party.

Having a yummy lunch at the Halloween party.
We had to hide the "munny" costume on Saturday night, so Everett would agree to be a road with his brother. We did our church's trunk-or-treat. 

Handsome Rick got home from a Scouts camp-out just in time to join us. Carson and I had earlier decided that he would wear this piggy hat, and Rick actually had the idea to add the pink shirt.

The costume proved to be a very fitting one, because I think everyone else had stopped going back for more chili and cornbread for at least an hour at this point.
This lucky boy was given a lollipop. He stood right in the middle of all the trunk-or-treating chaos for a good 20 minutes, without a care in the world besides consuming that delicious sugar.
Yep, still there.

Still working on that lollipop.

And then our boys spent the rest of the evening playing at the water fountain and in their nursery classroom.
It was a delightful Halloween weekend, and on Sunday our boys didn't even know they missed anything!

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Melissa S. said...

"Munny"..........ha ha ha! That is so funny. I love all the dum-dum action. He and Iris would've made a good pair, because she just sat in the trunk with me eating her dum-dum the whole time too!