Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Third year is not so bad.

During our first couple of rotations this year, I thought I hated third year of medical school. But there are totally some high points! Like radiology. And Rick's upcoming Family Medicine rotation, which is rumored to be called the Family Vacation rotation.

The boys really love having dad for a few minutes in the mornings. I feel like whether or not Everett sees his dad when he wakes up has a major impact on his overall emotional state during the day.

Here are two of the boys on one such morning when they got to eat breakfast together. Rick really gets a kick out of seeing how big Carson can open up his mouth.



Salem said...

The question is, can he fit his fist in there? Maybe we need to have a contest some day. ;) And we LOVE radiology! Let's just hope that the rest of Burke's life is as good as the rotation. :)

shelly said...

how cute! and i really like rick's tie! :)