Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The latest visit from the grandparents.

We LOVE weekend visits from Grandmama and Pappy. Who wouldn't love a grandma who helps a boy stand on top of a pick up truck? (Little Everett wasn't brave enough, but now every time he sees a pick up truck, he says, "PAPPY!! PAPPY!!)

And who wouldn't love a Pappy who gets a whole month's list of to-do's DONE in one day??? I wasn't sure if I would ever actually get this chandelier up in the new baby's room, but here it is!!!

Both boys worked hard on the house... Pappy is hanging a mirror I also wasn't sure if I would ever get hung, and Rick winterized all the windows.

Grandmama helped me spray paint some frames, we discovered some cute stores downtown, and we ate delicious North Carolina BBQ. Come again soon!

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mackenzie said...

no project day would be complete without dad's "just chew it" shirt.