Sunday, August 14, 2016

May 2016.

Most Sunday mornings, the kids get deep into some sort of creative play. This morning the boys created a library and kept a careful record of the books checked out by the girls.

They love to pack!

The daily hike up the big hill on the way to school. On the way home, Isla and I get to enjoy a nice view as we come back down that hill.

I spy Everett right in the middle of the Scobee crowd. Faye and the Pre-K students sung a sweet song to their mothers. In the last picture, it's easier to spot Carson with his cheese head!

At our good friend Lucy's gymnastics birthday party.

More Sunday pictures!

Rick worked on Mother's Day, so I set the kids up to make dinner for me. It... sort of worked.

The boys were on swim team for the first time, and I am so proud of them for doing something new so bravely! They started out (and are still not) the strongest swimmers, but they definitely improved and had a lot of fun on the team.

Sometimes I forget to pick up Faye's bike during the day (she rides the bus home from Pre-K), and one of us has to make a midnight run to go get it. This night we ran down to get it together; that was a date for us!

My group functional class at the Y.

I borrow friends' babies whenever I get the chance.

Another Sunday's creative playtime featured the Otto Brothers Hotel. The girls and I shared a room.

Field Day at school.

Grandmama sent the kids a dollar to buy ice cream, so the girls got a treat at a baseball game.

Rick's birthday.

We had a ton of rain and flooding this Spring. One Sunday afternoon, Rick took a couple of the kids on a walk. A few minutes later I get a text with a picture of Isla floating in the water in her Sunday dress. The rest of us ran down to play where there used to be a running trail.

Letter her play in the toy aisle at Target.

The boys' baseball season came to an end. Doing Little League baseball for the first time was exciting and fun, but also pretty intense. There were two games plus practices most weeks, and then during the tournament week we played games every night. Our Brewers' season started out a little shaky, and we barely squeaked our way into the tournament, so we didn't have high hopes that we would advance very far. We lost our first game and surprisingly won the second. (It was double elimination.) Then we had to face the Diamondbacks, a team notorious for having a really tough, intense coach. Watching our team vs. theirs warm up was quite comical: they were performing these organized calisthenics and mentally preparing for the game, while our players were scrambling in late with missing belts and un-tucked shirts. At the top of the third inning we were down 11-3. We had two outs, and our least reliable hitter was up to bat, so things really didn't look good. That kid miraculously hit the ball and got on base! This began a nine run rally for us. It was amazing!! Our team was just going crazy. We ended up winning the game 16-13. That win felt like some movie or something; we were the true underdogs. We lost to the Rangers in the championship game. What a great end to our season!

Everett participated in the city-wide bike rodeo. He ended up getting third place and another huge trophy!

One busy Saturday we discovered that the pool was open for the first time! Despite everyone needing naps or some downtime, we changed and ran over for a couple of hours of fun. We love the pool! We had a date night at the church that night while the youth watched the kids there.

Discovered a jack fruit.

Love watching these girls play together.