Wednesday, May 2, 2012

camping out.

First daddy/kids camping trip! It was mostly a success, except for the fact that we only own two sleeping bags, so Rick slept on the cold, hard ground on a blanket. And except for Everett popping out of his sleeping bag every few minutes to play around instead of falling asleep.

The campsite was a really fun place next to a lake with a playground and basketball courts. For dinner, the boys roasted hot dogs and enjoyed lots of s'mores.

Look at that cute little flirty face. Just wait, there are more pictures of these two together.
Apparently Everett isn't as much of a ladies' man... yet.

Rick thought the van looked so beautiful here he had to take a picture. Isn't it lovely?

We look forward to lots more campouts in the future! And I am very content to stay home with the little girls!


Melissa S. said...

Sadie is such a little flirt and doesn't hide it at all. I love it, it totally makes me laugh. And Carson's face is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie said...

Rick sure got an awesome angle on the van. Definitely ad material. Haha. Looks like they had a blast!

Emma and Dan said...

Love the van!
Sounds like everyone had fun (them camping and you at home). :)