Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summertime in NoVa.

While Rick did his month-long rotation at Walter Reed, the kids and I stayed with my parents. We got to play with cousins and grandparents during the week and see Rick on the weekends. It was perfect!

Everett woke up from his nap one day with this scab on his nose. We have no idea how it happened.

Faye really enjoyed going to the pool and to the park.


This is a totally inaccurate picture. My boys are not crazy about playing on playgrounds; they usually need a lot of coaxing to even go down a slide!

He can finally pedal well.

Pappy set up a tent in the backyard. He took two grandkids at a time to sleep in it at night. The first night, Adriel got bored and went inside at about 9. Carson listened to Pappy's stories and went to sleep, but was coughing a lot and came in at 1 a.m. The second night the twins got to sleep in the tent, but then it rained and they had to come in in the middle of the night too! Pappy will have to try again next summer.
Hi, Rick!
Brooklee loves baby Faye. (Actually, she was the least interested in her, I think.)
We got to go to the D.C. temple, where we were married.
I will not cut this curly hair, even though it looks crazy sometimes!
We had some really good grilling nights.
And the boys loved playing with their Grandmama. One of Carson's favorite days was his "date" with Grandmama, which included going to Costco and getting a car wash!


Christy Gunnell said...

I wouldn't want to cut those curls either!! I love staying up-to-date on your family.

That's very exciting you guys are headed here to San Antonio. We love this city. We are just here until August 12. Chase has been doing a summer internship with the Air Force as a JAG officer. We are hoping he gets a job offer in October from the Air Force and then he'll have to take the bar in July of next year and then we'll be hired. So a long process, but once we're hired then we could be anywhere. We wouldn't mind coming back to San Antonio though.

Marge said...

I love the barbecue tool (looks like a pair of pliers) your kids are amazing.