Friday, October 8, 2010

Summer Catch-up

This is where I post a million pictures from over the summer, so I can relieve myself of the guilt of not documenting some of the events in the boys' lives. Confession: I do not scrapbook, or do anything like it. I do faithfully write in journals for each child, but this blog will have to do for picture documentation. 

Father's Day weekend: we took Daddy to the batting cages.

We spent a good amount of time babysitting one of our favorite families, the Blackham's. As you can tell, their house is one of Carson's favorite places to be.

These kids are a delight to babysit!

Fourth of July: a quick trip to D.C. for some extended family time, including meeting Tim, who at that time was a soon-to-be member of our family.

Rick takes a little snooze, Grandpa Sam style.

We visited Frying Pan Park.

With cute cousins.

The night we flew back from Utah, we spontaneously decided to stay at a hotel in Charotte and go to IKEA the next day, instead of driving home that night. That night in the hotel, with pizza, was such a fun little family time!

Wrestling on the hotel bed.

Everett expresses an opinion about something.

More wrestling.

A storytime back at home.

A little date to the Raleigh temple.

I think this was Labor Day? We tagged along with Rick and his Scouts for a hike. Hiking in backpacks received rave reviews from Carson; Everett cried the whole time, and I had to carry him in my arms for the last mile!

The whole group, with a nice smudge on the camera lens.

Stone Mountain.

Another trip to VA for the big wedding!! The boys and I took Amtrak, and after we missed our train, the trip the next day was pretty exciting, especially for Carson. I promised him that if he didn't cry or wet his pants for the whole 6-hour train ride, he could go see Pappy's job site when we got there. He loved seeing the construction, of course. Too bad I can't bargain like that with Everett yet!

The twins turned 3!

Everett hearts strollers and babies.

The bridal shower. Ashley's wedding really was the wedding of the century.

This catch-up post is over!

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