Thursday, October 14, 2010

Comida Chilena


I don't know where this idea came from the other day, but I spontaneously decided to spend the afternoon making empanadas. They surprisingly turned out great! Even the smell took me back to Chile. To me, the filling tasted perfectly authentic, but next time I will try a different recipe for the dough. The Chilean salad made it complete. Mmmmmm.


Erika said...

Recipes please! My "Argentine" husband would just love this.

Emily said...

Okay those look extremely delicious, please share the recipe!

Melissa S. said...

I know where the idea came from........your PREGNANT BELLY!! They look great!........especially that salad!!!!

Salem said...

I LOVE your empanadas!!! I've tried making them before, but they're never as good as yours. :(

Andrea said...

Esas empanadas se ven super ricas!!! Me encanta que aun lleves a Chile en tu corazon :)

Davis and Laura said...

yum. pregnancy can induce the weirdest thing, right? when do you find out what you are having. soon right?

Are said...

Hi, Page and Rick!

This is Are - Ricks roommate from BYU - writing. I'm at Chao Doc, Vietnam with my fiancee, about to go Phnom Penh tomorrow. Later we'll go to Siem Reap. Let me know if there are anything I can do for you in Cambodia or if there is anything you think we should see (that we can't find in our "lonely planet" guide).

My email is

Sorry for this inefficient way of contacting you. We're in a communist country where facebook seems to be restricted... and I cannot find your email here on this blog.

Hope everything is well with you and the kids!