Monday, May 5, 2008

The Rollover

Carson has figured out how to roll from back to tummy!!! This new development is so cute to watch as he discovers he can reach a toy by rolling and then scooting around a tiny bit. Interestingly, he has always hated tummy time, but now that he gets himself to his tummy instead of us putting him there, he's happy. Is this indicative of some sort of independent personality streak or something? Here are a couple of videos to show the exciting rolling action.

Rolling over, however, has complicated the whole sleeping issue. He's a back sleeper, but he's been popping up to his tummy quite often as he's trying to sleep. Since he seems to sometimes forget how to roll from tummy to back, this means we are up half the night flipping him back over and calming him back down. Does this sleeping through the night thing ever really stick??


reggstyl said...

Does sleeping through the night ever stick? Oh you are just beginning :) You still have to get through teeth and pulling up to stand (when they can stand up with the crib rails but can't sit back down) and molars and other fun things that interrupt sleep!

reggstyl said...

We just watched these videos again (because Adriel wanted more after the last bath video) and when Carson was shrieking in the first video both babies crawled over to the computer desk, mimicking him!