Wednesday, October 8, 2008

he sure looks good in white!

Rick officially received his (short) white coat last weekend. Nice ceremony, lunch, and presentation by his professors. We heart Wake Forest.

the pre-ceremony behavior discussion.

man he looks good.

family photo:


in front of good old Bowman Gray, founder of the med school. This is where Carson and I often meet Rick during his lunch hour, or to walk him home from school.

We so enjoyed our visit with Rick's dad, "grandpa Sam." THANKS for coming!!

awaiting the delicious Sunday brunch! We had dreamed about the food for days prior to the event.


bowling ball with legs? (a very cute bowling ball.)


Erika and Ryan said...

How exciting! Cute pictures.

Lynnie said...

Congrats, Rick-o. Way to be a stud!

Salem said...

I LOVE the family picture! So adorable!

Salem said...

Oh-and I sure missed you last week. Staying in your bedroom without definitely wasn't as fun...