Friday, October 23, 2009

Another T-Shirt.

Is it just my husband, or does every boy dream of owning an intramural champion T-shirt for every sport under the sun??

I don't know how many championship teams he was on in undergrad, but Rick's count for med school jumped to TWO last week when he made some tricky defensive moves to help his team beat out the law school.

The field. That's the REAL Wake Forest football stadium!!

The defensive player of the game.football5

The team, including one self-declared coach.

The wife.

I am also so grateful that this champion husband of mine supports me in my athletic pursuits, like this morning's 16 mile run! He does diapers, early morning feedings (I do supply the milk), and understandably cuts out his Saturday morning football so I can do my long runs. He is a champ.


Barbaloot said...

First off---16 mile runs! You're nuts:)
Second---I'm so proud that I have one of those shirts, too and I got it on my last BYU Intramural team I played on with Rick, Johnny, Matt...all the boys:)

Salem said...

Need a good Christmas gift idea??? I think my Mom and I are going to make some flags for my Dad. He LOVES pickup games of flag football...but doesn't have the flags. I'm sure that over the years they could come in handy... :)

Marge said...

FYI - its not just boys. I love my rec volleyball shirts, they are like trophies you can wear and share with the world!

Jewels said...

you guys are awesome!