Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dixie Classic Fair

We are back from a great trip to Utah and have lots of pictures to post from the West. But first, here is proof that we really live in the South: we went to the Dixie Classic Fair! This is our fourth and final year living here, so we finally forked over the 8 dollars per ticket and went to see what it was all about.

Turns out the fair is mostly about sucking money out of you to buy gross food and go on silly rides. But we had a good time anyway. They had a kiddie area with a free "petting zoo." Look how brave Carson is! He came within 6 feet of a goat! While he was standing here, he said, "MOM, WE HAVE TO WASH OUR HANDS AFTER THIS."

And there were quite a few kids there like this poor boy, who had a nice hoop earring in each ear, just like his dad. Unlike his dad, he still had all his teeth.

The pig races were so cute!

All right, so Rick actually did it. He ate the Krispy Kreme burger. Luckily our friend John agreed to split it with him, so he didn't have to eat all of the 1,000 plus calories on his own.

Sweet Faye has no idea what her dad is about to do.

There he is, ready to eat his burger... I mean donuts... I mean both.

Oh yeah.

And then he fed that nastiness to my children! Actually I think Everett is eating the deep fried Reese's cup, which I will admit I had a taste of and it was pretty good. But two bites was enough.

We had a great time, but we won't go again!


mackenzie said...

thinking about that donut burger makes me want to throw up.

Emma and Dan said...

Aw, we went every year and loved it! It was the highlight of the fall. We mostly stuck to the carousel and ate yummy fries and hot dogs with great desserts.
Did you check out the education building with all the craft and cooking winners? And the giant pumpkins etc in the barn?
I'm glad that you took the chance to go before you move!
The KK burger looks so gross.