Friday, May 2, 2014

Easter 2014.

One of my very favorite things is dressing up my kids on Easter Sunday. Most of the time they walk around with dirt on their faces and wearing who knows what (Everett usually in a Spiderman costume or something), but on Sundays, specifically Easter, they are scrubbed clean and put in fresh, special outfits.

This year I attempted to take one of my old dresses and make it fit Faye, but unfortunately with my limited sewing "skills," that project was a bust. So I made simple skirts for  the girls and found cute shirts to match. (Thank you Target clearance.) The boys were looking forward to their new ties as well, although Carson ended up clothing from when Rick was young, necessitating a different tie. I had purchased fabric at a store that was closing in NC, planning on using it in our new home's decor. That didn't work out, so I was glad to use it for something else.

Their baskets were really fun to put together. Each child gets a special new book with a message written inside. Everett, our strong defender against evil, received a superhero book, and he reads it every day. Carson got The Indian in the Cupboard, which we've been reading together. Finally, something challenging for him! Faye got a collection of Richard Scarry stories, and Isla has a little Spot book. The boys got kitchen timers to time how long it takes them to clean a room, do an obstacle course, or even sit in time-out occasionally. :) They also got cool rubber band shooters! Spill proof bubbles for the girls, gum for Faye, markers, and a few little treats. We hide the baskets around the house and then they sneakily run around until they find the right one. Then we all gather to look at the goods and take pictures!

This year, for the first time we also did a little devotional each day the week before Easter. It started with a scripture and a song about Jesus' birth, then about different parts of his life, ending with his death and resurrection.

I hope our children remember that wonderful, fresh feeling they have on Easter morning. I'm grateful that, because of Jesus Christ, we can lead clean, pure lives and be freed from guilt and sorrow. He is risen!

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