Wednesday, September 28, 2016

June 2016.

 June: summertime!
Carson and Everett both happened to receive awards on the morning announcements at school on the same day. Carson earned the most AR (Accelerated Reader) points in the entire school and got a gift card to Barnes & Noble. Everett was presented with his trophy for third place in the city-wide bike rodeo. Neither boy showed any emotion at all when being presented with these major awards!
Napping with Tilly Jane.

Last day of school!!

Amazing rainbow the girls and I saw on the way to a birthday party.

 The boys did swim team for the first time. It was a lot of fun, and they really improved in their swimming abilities.

Sunday photo: first week of June.

 Summer experiments... and games... and workbooks!

 At a wedding of one of Rick's co-workers.

Sunday photo: second week of June.

Carson went to a four day (half day) basketball camp at UTSA with his friends Brady and Mark.

Miracle of all miracles: I went back to the grocery store hours after losing my wallet and found it sitting on the cart by the parking lot.

Everett's big solo trip! He and I went to Boston. We hung out with Ashley, Tim, Soren and Shaw. Boston was beautiful and amazing!!! Loved seeing the pond famous in Make Way for Ducklings. Castle Island was perfect, and Everett made an impressive sand castle. Ev and I had a nice evening watching a baseball game in Ashley's neighborhood while playing games on picnic blanket. And I believe we ate the best ice cream in the world. Grandmama and Pappy came up to surprise Everett and take us back to Virginia for a day, where Pappy took Everett fishing. (His dream come true.)

Sunday photo: third week of June, where Rick attempts to do the girls' hair!

Back in San Antonio, we got to babysit Tilly Jane for a couple of days! She was literally a life size doll for the girls.

Lots of pool afternoons!

The girls are surprisingly good at applying lipstick! And this was just a sample or something; I am not brave enough to wear this color!

Sunday photo: fourth week in June.

Cute Faye at the dentist.

Summer mornings are the best.
A pretend upside-down campfire.

Good one, Everett.

This is why we don't have bunk beds!

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