Thursday, February 14, 2008

Baby's First Jeans!

"JEANS!!!" Carson is very excited.

Today I was digging through the seemingly bottomless tupperware of cute baby boy hand-me-downs from my SIL Jeanel. It won't be long before Carson's into the 3-6 month size clothes!! So, today I found a winner: jeans!! I haven't been able to stop looking at him all day; he looks so cute. Just in case you want to look at him all day too, here are the results from his photo shoot.

Note the cute socks/tennis shoes!

He's also sporting the high school cheerleader style of rolling his elastic over one time. Unlike the girls, Carson is not trying to show more leg.

"Wait a second... is that MY foot???"

"Done with the pictures yet??"


JenSwen said...

I especially love the last two pics. The second-to-last one looks a lot like Rick, I think. Little babies in grown-up clothes are my favorite. We recently bought Kate a brown and lavender striped blazer. :)

Salem said...

He really is just getting cuter and cuter every day!!!! I LOVE jeans on babies/little kids...I know they may not be the MOST comfortable...but they don't really know the difference! And I want to see pictures of Kate's blazer!!!

JenSwen said...

It doesn't fit yet. :( We're saving it for fall - at least it will give me something to look forward to in her wardrobe.