Thursday, February 7, 2008

Strike on Tummy Time

If you've ever read a book or talked to a health professional about infant development, you're sure to have heard about the importance of tummy time. It helps them develop not only their neck muscles, but pretty much all the muscles they'll need to eventually crawl and become a functioning member of society. Some books and articles emphasize tummy time so much, you're convince your child will fail kindergarten if he doesn't spend at least 15 minutes a day on his tummy. So, what do you do if your child won't STAND even a minute of tummy time??



Carson's "tummy times" either quickly turn into "back times," or are met with a piercing scream that would make anyone quickly pick the boy up off his tummy.

He has also recently been doing this thing where he makes his body extremely stiff, like he's flexing all the muscles in his lower half.

In short, Carson is winning the battle over tummy time.

He sure is cute though!


Jewels said...

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure he'll have a good chance at completing kindergarten. Aiden had a hard time with tummy time too. We bought him all sorts of tummy toys and everything you could think of. He just wouldn't do it. Finally, I gave up. He's fine now, I think he might have crawled later than most babies do, but that's ok.
We enjoyed your talk too. Aren't you glad it's over? :)

JenSwen said...

Carson should do diaper commercials! I love those last two pics. At least Carson is sly about escaping tummy time - Kate just cried (often facedown) til we took pity on her and flipped her over. But now she is walking and well on her way to becoming a productive member of society, although at the time I was a little worried!

Callie said...

Yay! We found your blog and the cute, chubby baby! We're excited to meet up with you guys in Cambodia this summer! We'll be in touch.

*Go tummy time!

Callie said...

Our blog is

Barbaloot said...

SUCH a cute baby! And knowing you and Rick, I'm sure he'll survive without the requisite number of minutes of tummy time:)

Salem said...

Carson is way too cute!! About tummy time...I let Ryder sleep on his tummy from day one (gasp...I know...but so did my mom and big Sarah...and it just looks so much more cozy!) he was really comfortable on his tummy...yet he still crawled and walked late...but talked really well and pretty early. So I'm convinced sometimes the more reading you do, the more it makes you worry...and over nothing. Carson is also pretty young...once he's a little older he may like tummy time better when he can interact more and scoot and play with toys. Anyway...DON'T WORRY about him...he will be very intelligent and will end up perfect. It's hard not to compare them to books and other children, but they eventually figure everything out! And like you least in the process he's so darn cute. :)

mackdick said...

did those pajama pants used to be mine? or maybe i had some like it. they're cute.

JAMIE COOK~ said...

Andy did not like tummy time forever. She would just scream and scream until I moved her on her back or something. Around four months or so, she started getting use to holding up her head and everything---so she liked it better....i feel like she will never crawl, just chill.
Remmber every baby has a different time schedule. It is never what it is in the books. Especially if your baby was early. They will do it. If a book says the baby should we walkikng by a year and they aren't until 14 months, that doesn't mean they are slow--trust me. I have had to learn that fact fast.

He is being just like andy was--and then he will probably be completely different. that is what is so exciting

the gregory's said...

That is so funny my Carson does the same thing if I put him on his tummy he either turns himself over or starts crying, and he always stiffens his body too, especially when I am trying to burp him and he is mad that I took his bottle away drives me NUTS!! He has been able to hold his head up since he was a week old and already tries to sit up so I guess he is not to big of a weakling so there isn't much tummy time at my house either!!!

Marjorie said...

Ah I'm so glad that Elizabeth wasn't the only one to HATE tummy time. Always made me feel like a horrible mom for leaving her there alone while she sat SCREAMING! Needless to say she seems pretty normal and we didn't do about 30 minutes total of tummy time so I'm sure you are already ahead of us.