Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Family Fun in SLC

Grandpa's funeral spurred an impromptu Dickson family reunion... everyone was together for the first time since the babies arrived! Group shots will have to be shared by others, but here are the 3 babies, born within 2 months of each other. Brooklee, Carson, and Dallyn.

We realized that the 4 grandchildren's names coincide with the first 4 letters of the alphabet! Here, Adriel joins the crew. Guess the next grandchild will have to be named Eleanor. Or Egbert.

So, for our little family vacation, we toured Salt Lake City. We 8 adults plus 4 babies stayed in a cute little rental house normally used by skiers, touring by day and playing by night. Rick and I are now converted to the game Ticket to Ride. The touring part of this vacation resolved one of those very typical you-live-right-next-to-a-cool-city-but-have-never- done-any-of-the-cool-stuff-there situations for me. We each had a Connect Pass, which allowed us to visit various museums and other attractions. (It was a great deal... 18 bucks gets you a nice lunch at the Lion House, tickets to the Hogle Zoo, Museum of Natural History, Discovery Gateway, Thanksgiving Point, etc.)

Here we are at the "This is the Place" monument.

Here, Carson is being eaten by a shark.

Carson also enjoyed playing with his grandparents.

The 4 sisters, together again.
(Ashley, Reagan, Page, Mackenzie.)
After the babysitting week, and then last week's family vacation, I am happy to finally have some time at home again! Too bad it's almost time to start packing...


JAMIE Probert COOK~ said...

First of all...love the pics---love the baby pics. It is interesting how a "reunion" evolves out of something like a funeral. Kind of neat in a way.
I am glad you did this post. I always read your blog and think of a million things that I can do or that would be fun. I am going to have to talk to you about this touring slc thing. Sounds fun

Meet the Staffords said...

Hello! I love your blog page! Your family is soooo beautiful! I am so excited for some reason I just found out you guys will be in D.C.!!!! We are moving to Virginia in June for Matt's Dental school in Richmond. We will be about an hour an maybe an half an a half away from you! We will have to visit!!

Meet the Staffords said...

Oh! I forgot to tell you, you have inspired me to start a journal for our little Kylee growing to one day read about what we were experiencing as she was growing inside of mommy! Thank you for the wonderful idea!

Salem said...

I LOVE the pictures!!! Cute one of the babies (they look like they are holding hands!!)...and I love that you guys were all able to have some fun time together. I want you to take note though of Carson's face in the picture with the "you know what." I don't understand why such great parents would put such a sweet little baby through something like that. :) Maybe mine did too. :)