Monday, March 17, 2008

Goodbye Grandpa

On March 4th, nearly 2 weeks ago, Grandpa Huff passed away. I was grateful for our last good visit with him, and that we got a picture of Carson with his great-grandpa. My favorite memories with grandpa include: his "magic pocket:" as little kids, he would surprise us by making black jelly beans magically appear in his pants pockets; his sharing his life stories with us about World War II and his participating in a national bowling championship; his funny comments; and watching the last couple years of Jazz games with him. We will miss our visits with Grandpa, but we are SO happy that he is finally free of his many illnesses!! It is such a peaceful feeling to think of he and Grandma finally together again. It is not a coincidence that he died ten years to the day of her passing.

Whoops, almost left Carson at the cemetery. (Just kidding.)

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