Monday, December 8, 2008

game day.

Rick gets pumped for his big tests as if it were some championship football game. At random intervals during study sessions, he jumps out of his chair and hits the floor to bust out a set up push-ups or sit ups. Occaisonal yells, grunts, and pounding of the chest often accompany these outbursts.

And his hair looks really cute during his late-night study sessions, after he's twirled it around for a while:
He planned on waking up at 5:30 this morning to review before the big game, I mean test. He woke up at 5:10 and couldn't lie there any longer. I couldn't contain myself; I got up too, and Carson even joined the party at 5:45, in desperate need of a diaper/sleeper/sheets change. (Note to self: just buy the overpriced, overnight diapers!)

He just ate his game day breakfast, and now he's off! Say a little prayer between 8:30 and noon EST, please.


Holly and Derek said...

You are funny. Nice post! Derek got up early this morning to study too. Funny, he didn't get that good of a breakfast though. You need to give me your recipes. I want to cook healthier!

Erika and Ryan said...

Yes, what a yummy looking breakfast! Finals start today for my hubby, but all he took the time to eat this morning was a Carnation instant breakfast! I hope that carries him through! I better make some good brain food for him tomorrow though, I didn't even think of it this morning! I can't get over what a good wife you are! I'll be praying for your hubby, along with mine! That's funny about the push-ups. I probably shouldn't say what my husband says helps him when preparing for a test. Ü

JenSwen said...

I got up once this semester to make Scott breakfast before work/school. And it was only because I had insomnia and couldn't fall back to sleep. I told him to write it in his journal because it may never happen again. That's how good of a wife I am.

Holly and Derek said...

I just wanted to tell you THANKS!! Derek must have seen your blog and said, "So, did you see the breakfast Page made Rick?" I said "Ya?" He waited for a minute, "I sure didn't get a breakfast like that...". So thanks a lot Page!! You are setting a high standard here. It looks like next "Game Day", I am going to need to make Derek a good breakfast!