Monday, April 20, 2009

the grandparents' visit.

Since my mom was with me all last week, and sister the one before, this has been my first week alone as a mother of two. I am really missing having extra adults around. Poor Carson always wants to go play outside right when I need to feed Everett or when I've just laid him down for a nap. And I especially miss my mom's taking care of all the laundry, and the delicious meals they made. Couple that with some yummy meals we've gotten from friends this week, and I'm worried Rick's going to realize I'm not a great cook!

My parents came to us straight from their week-long hike of the Appalachian trail. They are serious hikers. We made sure to get a picture of them before they could wash off the Appalachian trail dirt and stench.

New books from Grandmama were immediately bestowed. Carson hasn't let go of this Baby Animals books since. He is obsessed. He loves it so much he even ate part of a page.

My mom hemmed another pair of jeans for me. (She did two pairs of maternity jeans last visit.) My whole life I've walked around stepping on the backs of my pants. Why didn't we think of this before??

Carson showed off his impressive memory to the grandparents. I am amazed by how much he remembers lately. Here, he identifies all his aunts. Note his typical stance with his hands behind his back.

And oh, how we love to play in Pappy's truck. Sooo many buttons to push!

Looking through my pictures, I guess we didn't take any of my parents with Everett! Oops. They'll have to come again soon. :)


Wendy said...

I'm so glad you had a lovely visit with your parents. I'm still working on a way to get down there to see you. I kind of depends on jobs for the summer, when and where they start, you know. Anyway, I totally started hemming my pants= My mom did it for me, after the mission! Seriously. Why don't we think of these things?

Wendy said...

Shoot, sorry, I'm signed in on my rommie's computer. This is Lynn.

Marge said...

I'm so glad that your parents were able to go and for such a long time. They seem like the BEST grandparents ever, and SUPER cool because of the truck =) Good luck without those EXTRA hands!