Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why I am in Love with This Child.

touching noses
photo compliments of Rachel, our personal family photographer. :)

He eats wonderfully well, and predictably.

He sleeps swaddled, in his little crib, no assistance needed.

He slept 5.5 hours straight last night.

He doesn't cry unless he needs something, and then he stops right away.

He lets his brother poke his eyes, ears, nose, belly button, etc., without any complaints.

HE IS A DREAM BABY!! (so far. fingers crossed.)


Why This Child is Driving Me Crazy:

He still needs 2 naps in order to be functional all day.

He will only take one nap.

This is why he transforms into Mr. Cranky Pants Monster in the evenings. Like, full meltdowns, lasting a couple of hours. It's either the naps or the new molars coming in.

My ears hurt from all the screaming.

(But I still love him.)


w and w said...

How I hope my baby takes after yours!

JenSwen said...

I want a personal family photographer! That is the sweetest picture of you and Everett. I hope poor Carson gets to feeling happier soon.

No baby yet, btw. :(

Marge said...

I don't know how you do it, we've only been home 2 days + hours and I'm already going insane with this two child thing. I'm glad Everett is being GOOD for you =)

Asher, Alla, and Pavil said...

Page, I am so happy for you and your new baby! He is so cute! It was a little comforting to know that Pavil is not the only one who can scream loudly and a lot! :) Love you. Alla

Mike and Carly said...

Haha, this post makes me smile and realize what I have to look forward to!