Monday, December 7, 2009

Book Review.

With Christmas crafts to finish, a trip to Utah to prepare for, and so many errands to run, sometimes I joke with Rick about pulling an all-nighter to get things done. Well, last night I sort of did that on accident. But I wasn't crafting, or running errands... I was finally finishing my book for Book Club!

And I couldn't even get to sleep once I finally crawled into bed, because I was still completely taken with the story. This book is one of my new favorites. The story is oh-so tragic, which provides a wonderfully good cry. It is also symbolic and deep, which teaches life lessons and leaves you thinking about your life and the way you treat your loved ones. It is obviously a book that you can't put down, since I read almost all of it in one night!

For a super quick re-cap, the main character is a former heart surgeon who left his trade after his wife, victim of a genetic heart defect, tragically died. Their love story is so sweet, and the book often flashes back to their childhood and short years of marriage. The story opens as Reese meets a little girl who also has a heart defect, and little Annie is determined to receive a heart transplant. There are a million more parts to the story, but it focuses on Reese's quest to mend Annie's broken heart, as well as his own.

I LOVED this book!


Davis and Laura said...

I heard that this book was good, I'll have to check it out. I usually like to just buy books, is this one worth buying?

Kim said...

I loved this one too, Page! In fact, I haven't read another book since because I want to find one that is equally good and I'm afraid I will just be disappointed. (Well, that and I have been reading textbooks.) Hope your dinner turned out well.

Melissa S. said...

It DEFINITELY one of my favs! I make sure I suggest it to everyone!

sam and brittney said...

Now I want to read it!