Sunday, March 7, 2010

A LOVE-ly weekend!

This weekend was like a dream. Spent 20 hours traveling for a day-and-a-half in Utah, but it was all pure bliss! I thought it would be hard to leave my kids and travel across the country, but as soon as I sat down on the airplane and realized that I could read, sleep, eat, etc. WITHOUT HOLDING A BABY OR ENTERTAINING A TODDLER I was in heaven!! (And just to show you how I seriously took advantage of that airplane time, I read The Hunger Games on the way there and Catching Fire on the way back. That's 765 pages, folks. And oh wow, was it GOOD! I am still sort of obsessing over the story and agonizing over the months until the third book comes out. SO good.)

Anyway, I DO love my boys, but having a two day break from them was extremely refreshing. Especially spending that time with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world. This group of gals and I laughed hard and cried hard and played hard and just had a wonderful reunion together. Man, college was fun!!

We got to help Kim's sister-in-law the wedding planner, and somehow all these flowers made it to the reception safely.

Kim is a beautiful bride!

And she and Josh are in love! And Carly loves to dance!

There is nothing quite like witnessing someone you love be married and sealed to someone she loves, and to be there with an entire group of people you also love and haven't seen in months or years, and then to feel grateful for your husband and kids that you love even more... and that's a whole lot of love! Thanks for getting married to the man you love, Kim!


Burke said...

Looks like you had a great time! I'm glad you had a relaxing trip away from toddlers. :) But I'm dying to know how Everett did with his food source being gone for a few days! And also, I'm so excited to read Hunger Games...I have it waiting on my bookshelf, along with Catching Fire and When Crickets Cry (thanks to your book review!). Too many good books to read!!!

Melissa S. said...

AH Page, I'm getting that book from the library soon after a suggestion from another friend of mine! I'm glad to hear you liked it too. Beautiful pictures!

Christy Gunnell said...

It was good to see you Page and to catch up a bit!!!

Marge said...

her wedding dress is beautiful. great job on the reading. and I love your link for the reference to being sealed. you are such a great example. keep up the great work.

Kim said...

Page it was SOOOO fun to have you hear. My family kept saying how bubbly and positive you were. I feel honored that you came. It was a blast! Best day ever! Love ya! Salem for a girls trip soon!!