Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can I really leave them?

(And lest you think Sunday's pizza dinner features something gross like pepperoni, here's proof that it actually tricks the boys into eating sweet potatoes. It is really good, I promise.)

Here's hoping that the boys don't distract Rick too much from studying for the most important test of his life, that Carson isn't terrified of anyone and everything on his playdate like he was last time, and that Everett suddenly figures out how to use his sippy cup (the kid still nurses three times a day, and I'm just up and leaving him!)

But when a girlfriend is getting married, what can you do but jump on a plane and GO!!

I sure will miss these two.

(Everett retrieved and handed Carson each piece of laundry like it was his job.)


Melissa S. said...

Wow, good luck w/ that. I guess it's good practice for April for Everett! :)

suzyQT73 said...

Good luck to Rick and the boys. I am sure they will miss you terribly. :( Have a great time at your girlfriends wedding. The things we do for friends. :)

Salem said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe you're going to be babyless! Crazy. Is Rick taking boards already??? Good luck to him! And tell Kim "hi" from me and wish her the best! Have a fun trip!

Marge said...

they'll ALL survive and they love you even more for it wen they get bigger. enjoy the wedding!