Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I do love mothering these boys!

It's 5:15 and they went down for their naps at 2. (Nice break, huh!) Both boys are now awake and playing in their respective cribs. Carson gives a loud play-by-play of what's going on outside his window. ("oh, dat silly birdie!") Everett is enthralled with the little toys I sneakily hid under his blanket when I put him down.

They are such good boys! I mean, Carson still poops his pants every day, and Everett's been grumpy (for the first time in his life) since all his teeth seem ready to pop in at the same time, and Carson knocks Everett over nearly every chance he gets, but they really are good boys!

Monday was library day, as usual, and we are still trying to get over the excitement of new books. Carson frequently refers to me as "Miss Carol," the storytime lady at the library. He asks me to "be Miss Carol," and sit in the chair to read him books. All. day. long. (Also, according to Carson, he no longer has a little brother; he has a cat. Everett is "Angel," named after the neighbor's big fluffy white thing. I feel silly in public when Carson keeps yelling that he's "hugging Angel.")

I am about to go get Everett from his crib. When I walk in the room he will clap and squeal and say, "ma-ma!" That boy melts my heart! Sorry to gush, but they gave me such a great break of an afternoon today I had to pay my two boys a little tribute.


Melissa S. said...

That's EXACTLY why I love naptime. You get a break to re-group and it seems your love for them multiplies by the time they wake up! :)
BTW- I don't think Ms. Carol has as cute of necklaces.

Rachel K said...

I agree with Melissa...I LOVE the big smiles I get when they see me after their naps.

Jamie said...

Your little guys are the sweetest things ever. I have always been so afraid of having a boy, but after I met yours I think it looks like a lot of fun. And let me give them some serious props for being awesome nappers! :)