Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blizzard 2010.

Rick loves to clear the car off, and Carson loves to watch!

That Sunday, even church was canceled. We all had a little cabin fever, so we invited some friends who live nearby over for a spontaneous pot luck.

When you're snowed in, you can come up with lots of interesting things to do.
Like pushing chairs around the kitchen.

Or playing soccer in the nude. (With tennis balls. Using a tupperware as a goal.)

And doing this!

Or washing dishes together. Carson insisted on finding pitchforks in the utensils and using them to feed hay to his horses.

Or doing "sink or float" experiments. This got a little out of hand, and I don't think he's learning anything about the properties of water.

Or inventing tricks to do on Peanut. (He came up with that name on his own.)

Peanut's hooves need to be cleaned, of course. ("Like Mackenzie do!")

Or feeding brother like a baby cow.

Or playing peek-a-boo at the glass doors.


Or transforming the wreath (that still was looking fall-ish, whoops, we missed winter) into a Spring wreath. We hope the weather follows suit!


mackenzie said...

1. is that cute kids table and chair set yours? i haven't seen it before. it looks like something out of dr. seuss.
2. carson is quickly becoming my favorite as he continues his animal phase.
3. do you think he remembers the photos of the vaulters at my barn and is trying to imitate them?

Melissa S. said...

I REALLY need to buy you a scraper for your car. :)
I loved Everett's picture with his mouth pushed up against the door!
So funny!

Marge said...

loved the snowed in recap - I'm so jealous of all the white stuff. I can't believe how big your beautiful boys are getting. way to go mama!