Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fondant, anyone?


Although I am totally not as cool as these girls who were the belles of the ball, I did make a polka dotted cake for a semi-formal event at our church last weekend.

This was my second attempt at making fondant, and it was disappointingly lumpy again. The polka dots were a nice mask, but I'm wondering, does anyone have any suggestions for fondant recipes or technique tips?


mackenzie said...

well aren't you super cute.

mackenzie said...

the more i look at my previous comment the more it looks like a snarky (beau's favorite word) remark. not intended.

also, that's kind of a grammatically weird phrase.

i'll change it to "you look super cute!"

The Hills... said...

I think the cake is really cute. I've never even attempted fondant, sorry no suggestions!

Glad you liked the mango sticky rice! :)

Kate said...

Stick w/ the fondant. It gets easier over time.

One thing I've found is to sift, sift, sift your powdered sugar. Several siftings (I use a mesh strainer) should leave you lump-free.

Also, if you can make it a day ahead of time, that will help, too.

Good luck! Looks great! :)

Marge said...

you are one step ahead of me, I didn't even know you could make fondant - I just thought you bought it. If I find anything regarding recipes or easy tips I'll send them your way. it looks great.

Melissa S. said...

ha ha ha, real funny.
But seriously your cake was the BEST! And I love the picture, it's like you're holding it as a bouquet!

Davis and Laura said...

You did great! I should have to check out my sister in laws blog (www.chelseacakes.blogspot.com) and see her cakes. She's amazing. I should ask her how she does her foundant....I think she uses marshmallow creme?

Meg said...

No tips on the fondant, but you look adorable. :)