Monday, April 26, 2010

I missed this kid!

After throwing up for five straight days, causing some pretty intense dehydration, he is finally back to his normal self.

We had the most wonderful day today, just happy to be healthy and able to go do our normal things. Monday's library day, doing the laundry together, and following along with Carson's imaginative games were especially delightful. (For most of the day, Carson was Tyrone. He called me Tasha and Everett Pablo. He has actually only seen 5 minutes of the Backyardigans show. He got scared when Tyrone fell off his horse and refuses to watch it again.)

Last week when Carson was sick was one of the most exhausting of my life! I spent one night laying beside him to give him sips of Pedialyte every half hour. I carried him around all day when he was too weak to walk. I had to withhold food from him even when he was begging me for it, because I knew he would throw it right back up. The worst was all the cleaning up... I finally broke down and cried while taking apart his car seat and cleaning out the back of the car after one particular throwing up episode. Maybe I am a wimp, but I am so glad it's over.

Anyway, I had so much fun just talking with him all day today! Carson is my favorite little conversationalist.

Some pics from our day:

"Look, mom, my apple is a letter C!" My other favorite thing that Carson said today, bringing me a library book, was "Mom, teach me everything that's in here."


mackenzie said...

carson is a genius.

Davis & Laura said...

No wimp-Sick kids are hard to deal with! Happy he's feeling better!

Melissa S. said...

Gosh, for FIVE DAYS!!!! 2 days was the longest I've had to do with throwing up kids and it was 2 DAYS TOO LONG!!! I'm so sorry. It's harder when your kids are sick then when you're sick.....that's for sure! I'm so glad he's better.

sam and brittney said...

YUCK!! Poor Carson! Being sick is the pits! James is sick right now with a fever and the works. Not fun! Glad he is feeling better!

genny said...

Dear Page,
I love coming across your blog now and again. You really are such a wonder woman!!!

Meg said...

"Teach me everything in here!" I love that!! Your babies are such little BOYS now... my gosh. I'm sorry to hear about the sick week.. I can imagine that was dreadful! Glad he is feeling better.