Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sweet Little Ev.

ev is 1

He's ONE!

And I would say something like, "my, how he's grown," except that he's actually fallen to the 10th percentile for height and weight. Still chubby and healthy, just small!

When I was expecting Everett, strangers and friends who had children around 16 months apart would say something like, "the first year is miserable, but then when they can play together life gets a lot better." Well, thanks to sweet Everett, I can honestly say that I have loved this first year of mothering two little ones. He has been an amazing sleeper and nurser, a very tolerant (although fearful) little brother, and just has a sweetness that makes him so easy to love.

At one, Everett...

...jabbers dramatically. Most frequent words are ball, hi, more, and Dad. When Rick gets home, he gets a "Hi, Da!!" and a big hug from Everett.

...has absolutely no interest in walking. His speedy bum scoot serves him well enough and keeps everyone around him laughing.

...knows what "no" means. When he gets close to the fireplace or other forbidden things, he sits down, gets a real serious look on his face, and vigorously makes the sign for "NO." And he's still young enough that he obeys! a super picky eater. One day he loves scrambled eggs, the next day he shovels in a mouthful and then spits them all out and throws them on the floor. This drives me a little bit crazy.

...loves to make toy cars go vrooming down the hallway, and appropriately makes the toy helicopters and airplanes fly up in the air. When he hears the hospital's helicopter go by, he gets super excited, jabbers loudly, and points to the window. Wonder where he learned this...

...still sucks him thumb and holds his ear when he's tired.

...loved Grandma GJ when we left him for a week, and even went right back to nursing upon our return. What a good boy!

We had a tiny birthday celebration for him the day before we left for Chile. True to his picky self, he ate a tiny bit of the cake and signed, "all done."




Jamie said...

Oh my gosh Page--how long has it been since I've seen your boys?! This kid is so grown up!!! Happy birthday to Ev! And just for solidarity: Grace's first birthday cupcake got about the same amount of attention. She ate the frosting and spit out the cake part.

Marge said...

Love your cake. I can't believe that he's so adorable - ok maybe I can. Way to be a great mother.